playing an instrument

Love the site + forum, great job, good people.

I have just started attempting lucidity. On my second night (last night), I managed to achieve a low level of lucidity. I can only remember a fragment of the dream in which the lucidity happened, but there was something I feel special about it.

I was walking through some woods, I believe alone, with my guitar in my arms (possibly strapped around shoulder, but that is irrelevent). I attempted to play a G major chord, and when I strummed no sound came out. I thought this odd, checked my fingers, and attempted a few more times. As I thought about why this was, my alarm clock went off (waking me for work), completely comprimising my chance at achieving high lucidity.

I apologize for not checking to see if this was mentioned (I am really tired, and anxious (though I shouldn’t be) to attempt another WILD. I feel this worth mentioning, and I would expect this post to be deleted if it is obviously mentioned elsewhere.

The point: I have knowingly achieved a level of lucidity for the first time through dreaming I was playing an instrument, but no sound would come out of the instrument.

I don’t know if this is a personal issue or common knowledge, but I felt it worth mentioning.

That is all I wanted to put out there, I wish all the dreamers good luck in their quests for lucidity.


Once I tried to play “My Sweet Lord” on a cel phone, and I didn’t become lucid. For you, I’d do an RC every time I played an instrument, but for some, you don’t get anything.
…Actually, I believe I’ll do an RC every time I play an instrument, because it just might work. Sorry if none of this post was helpful.

Hi teach life not greed! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:

First of all congrats on your LD! You manage to have one in 2 days! :eek: It looks like a record! :good:

I don’t remember to have seen any accounts about sounds not coming out of music instruments. Such strange things are quite common in dreams and it was perhaps the way your dream used this time to make you realize that you were dreaming.

Are you sure it was a WILD? From what you said, it looks more like a DILD (dream initiated lucid dream) cause you realized you were dreaming during a normal dream, didn’t you?

If you’re interested in music, you should find, if I remember well, some interesting threads about music in LD’s in the Fruits of Lucidity subforum. :smile:

I play guitar in a lot of dreams, and I don’t recall never having any sound, but I’ve had harmonics just not work, and me forget songs I apparently knew how to play while on stage and such. What you expect is what you get!

Oh and it’s no record Basilus, because I achieved lucidity on my first night trying :happy:

Waw! :cool_laugh: :clap:

I remember a dreamer who said she was working with harmonics when singing in lucid dreams.

Yeah, I think it had something to do with not really trying and having no real expectations, just wanting a lucid dream because I read all about it. I wish is was always that easy!

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything musical in an LD, just ND’s.

It was indeed a DILD. I am sorry for the confusion, I have been attempting WILDs most nights, but have yet to succeed. It seems very hard, especially since my current job involves a lot of labor and I am too tired to keep my mind awake. I have achieved the hypnagogic state numerous times (most often I see images of my workplace, a tree farm), but it normally leads to a non-lucid dream that I remember very little, if none about.

I have always been one that believes that I don’t dream every night, until I was shown this site. I can usually remember one fragment of a dream per night now, though it often takes a lot of effort to remember.

If you practice DILD methods above all, you should absolutely enhance your dream recall first.

To enhance you DR, you can practice autosuggestion before going to sleep in order to make you remember when you wake up that the first thing you have to do is recalling dreams. The second advice is not to move when you wake up. If you have to switch your alarm off, then lie again in the same position which you woke up in.

You can also have a look at the sticky BIG Remembering Dreams topic in the First Steps forum, it’s rather long to read but you’ll find lots of good tips.

Once you’ll remember quite correctly about one dream per night, what is rather easy and quick to reach, then you can practice DILD methods. Good luck! :smile:

thank you for the suggestions Basilus West…

about the only DILD method I practice, and so far only during my awake life, is RCs. I don’t think I am aware enough to do a RC while I am really dreaming, but I am assuming that comes with DR practice (and my dream journal, of course).

I have been able to use the method in which I stay still until I recall my dream, and it actually did work. This morning was the only morning so far where I couldn’t recall anything, no matter how hard I tried to remember. I know I dreamt, and I tell myself that but nothing came. I think it was due to the noise level where I am staying. As I said before I expect it to come in time, and I do not want it too much (I think).

Edit: I checked out the sticky you suggested, well about half of it, and I got the point. I will probably stick with autosuggestion until I get better dream recall, as opposed to WILD when I am going to sleep (though I would like to eventually be able to achieve WILD).