Please help can someone explain WILD, MILD WBTB!!!!

Can you explain WILD, MILD AND WBTB, how to use them and how to get the best results please!

Making it dead simple:

WILD is falling asleep consciously. Because of keeping mind awake, you enter the dream conscious, and then you have a LD.

MILD is repeating a sentence like “I’ll have a LD tonight” in mind while falling asleep. You fall asleep unconsiously, then realize it’s a dream, and you ae having a LD.

WBTB is wakind up after 4-6 hours of sleep, then staying up, for like 20 or 30 minutes. You may do MILD and WILD, it will greatly increase the chance of having aLD.

Whe whole thing explained exacly is Here orHere

Thank you very much, i understand now! :smile:

I find that your odds of having a LD are extremely high if you try and utilize all 3 techniques. Try it! :smile:

I thought MILD was thinking back to a previous ND and imagining an alternative path that would have resulted in becoming lucid, and having that in mind while falling asleep.

Its called memory induced lucid dreaming. Its like saying to your self

“after work today i will remember to go down to the shops and buy milk and bread”

then you do nothing else and after work it jumps back into your head and you go right gotta do that.

Its the same with lucid dreaming, you say to your self “tonight i will remember that i am dreaming” or " tonight i will remember to do a RT" etc etc.

Then the next time you are dreaming you remember you are dreaming and then lucidity

Hmm… indeed. What do you call what I described, then?

i would count that as a technique that works :wink: i have used it my self, but i would describe that a mix between a wild and a Mild.

most of these techniques work best if you double up.