Please help....I need to know what this means????

Hi everybody

Right so this is out of character for me but I’m desperate…

I’m a 32 yo man with 2 beautiful sons, a good job and reasonably happy…I say reasonably because I suffer with depression…having says that my meds are keeping me on an even keel. And I’m definitely not religious ( that’s very important on this )

So last night I had a dream that I died…it was so realistic!!! I dreamt that I was driving to work and next thing I’m smashing myself into a lorry at a very high speed…deliberately…it was suicide. I was in agony…next thing the fire crew are cutting me out and then as if someone snapped a rubber band my spirit flew out of my body and I was no longer in pain…now remember I’m not spiritual at all!!! Then GOD!!! speaks to me, now this strange I can’t hear him through my ears but through my heart??? He tells me that hes going to show me how life would be if u died…straight up! Next thing I’m in my house and my mum and wife are taking the call that I’ve been killed…it was awful…next thing I’m watching my aunt break the news to my eldest son (he’s 6)…I was crying hard…then I’m watching my work mates the the news and in the back ground a news report saying what’s happened it says “Jamie killed himself after missing his medication” (I never miss that). Next thing I’m back alive and I’m walking around feelin really religious like ive discovered how God speaks to us (through our hearts not our ears) like I said in not religious!!!

Please help its doing my head in.


Hello Jarcher1401.

This means you are lucky to be alive.

Please seek professional/medical help for further advice.

I think you are may be focussing too much on this and not the main point of the dream.

If it was my dream, it would be a confirmation of how important I am to loved ones and that I should continue to keep myself as well as possible.

I have the same experience. Being dead for a while. Then I’m following a white tunnel of light. I was so scared but the moment I said “NO!” I immediately woke up and can’t move, can’t breathe or can’t speak. Luckily I managed to twitch my little finger and it was a relief! :smile:

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I am no expert in dreams, but i have had a few experiences myself. I am also very faithful and i am using this word cause i do not like the expression “religious” nor “religion”… i chose to have my own way of faith to my own gods and goddesses… What i have learned though my dreams is that what we call God or just our own higher form of consciousness can come into contact with our souls through emotions, which emotions relate to our present memories and knowledge creating this way a short form of movie or experience that we live while we sleep… thus leading me to such a conclusion; You are afraid of the medication itself and the main problem is you… you do not “listen to your heart” and that is what you were trying to show to yourself in that dream… sometimes reasoning is very convenient but it is that very same reasoning that make you doubt your own self in real life or otherwise called disbelief in ones self, low self-esteem or lack of will power… what you should do, in my mere opinion as no professional that i am is that you need to start becoming aware of how your heart speaks to you… not in words but through emotions and feelings… while you walk on your way to work and you see a random cloud forming a smile, share a smile with the next person you shall meet… when your young son ask you to do something that you do not feel like doing, let him know how you feel about it and why you would prefer to do something else instead… you are not suffering depression, even doctors themselves do not know how depression works… they study the mind to find out, but in my opinion and some ancient Greek philosophers, depression or Melancholia comes from the heart… you are causing depression to yourself, your heart is doing so,as well and this is happening because you are not listening to it/ you are ignoring her messages…
Remember, your eyes are the opening to your soul, your heart speaks in events not in words alone or cellphone calls but instead it sends you people, situations, difficulties, times of joy and sadness. Now, how you receive the messages through the gates of your eyes and how you interpret them with your own perspective of the mind makes the heart feel ease or feel pain… it makes it feel free or feel shame… it is your way of life and the interpretation of that by your mind that is causing you such fears during the night…

There is no magic answer here. You must find the meaning yourself by using your past experiences and future expectations as a point of reference.

It will probably take some time for the initial shock of the dream to wear off. Don’t do anything drastic, keep on living as you would otherwise and sort out the meaning when you can.

Im not regligous either but i have had a dream where i was dying too just laying on the ground and i was terrified and prayed to god for forgiveness and salvation. Not like me