Please help !! I'm new ! (FILD)

Hello every one !
I’m pretty new here, nevertheless i have some experience ^^ but i never had a LD.(i realized once that i was dreaming, i had lots of goose bumps then woke up…)
I’m trying the FILD/HILD technique. I’m getting some trouble with it :confused:
Each time i wake up, i don’t think i’m really tired so i wait for about 5 min, then i try it. I don’t really get sensations, maybe some kind of levitation; it allways goes away since my heart beats a little faster. I try to stay calm though.
any advice ?

PS : When i tried last night, same problem, but i got a REALLY VIVID dream ! It was pretty cool. But still :confused:

Thank you all :content:

Title edited for clarification :tardis:

You’ll need to play with the amount of time you stay up (I think you’re saying you try it after you’ve slept for a while?).

You might need to actually get out of bed, you might need to try it immediately. Like all techs it needs some personalization. If you find you’re having a hard time concentrating still, you might want to try just a straight WILD. I know for me the finger motions give me a hard time falling asleep in FILD.

Thanks for the answer ! ^^
Yes, i do wake up after some sleep.
Sleep while moving isn’t really a problem, but i thought i must stay still, getting out of bed will make me too awake, no?
Well i’ll try too change everything.
Instead of waking up 6 hours, i’ll do 4. So i’ll try to not get out of bed, if it doesn’t work, i’ll get up.
If you have more advises don’t hesitate ^^
I’ll post results afterwards :smile:
PS : i do the counting technique to help me concentrate.
Thanks :smile:

I’m currently experimenting with FILD, and though I haven’t had any success, I feel I’ve gotten close. I’m just going to try different times and maybe experiment with WBTB. However, I did notice how you said you haven’t had a lucid dream but you have become aware that you were dreaming. Though you may not have had control, this is still lucid dreaming, so don’t tell yourself that you’ve never become lucid.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, id did realise it but everything was black, even in the dream. Was kinda weird.
And for the FILD, i think i concetrate to much on sleeping, and it’s very hard to stay relaxed and focused !
I’ll still try again tonight, i’ll post results :wink:

How did that wok for you?

Last night i was too tired, couldn’t remember. :tongue:
I’ll put the alarm at 4 AM, and give it a try tonight. I’ll do my best to not loose focus.
Hopefully i’ll become lucid :smile: