Please help, I'm so close!

Hi, this is my first post here. I want to thank you all in advance for your assistance.

I’ve been experimenting with WILD for the past several weeks, and I’m getting VERY close to being successful, but I always get stuck at one particular place. I can get my body fully relaxed, much to the point where I can’t feel my body and it feels numb. My hypnagogic imagery is limited to green blobs of randomness, and I’ve spent probably up to an hour at once trying to get past this stage. I’d really love some assistance as to how I can “transition” to the dream world from here, or what I might be doing wrong or ANYTHING that might be helpful. Am I supposed to be seeing more constructed HI? If so how do I get there? I’d love anyone who gives me some advice, and thanks a lot in advance.

Happy Lucid Dreaming!

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I’ve only tried to WILD a few times and haven’t got past that stage either. I think it is the hardest part for lots of us here. You need to visulise a dreamscene in front of you and focus on that as much as you can. Don’t think of your ‘real’ surroundings. Try to see and feel yourself walking into the dream and concentrate on keeping your mind awake. With each WILD attempt, whether succeeding or not, it will get easier.

Thanks for the reply. By the way, which method do you use to induce LD if not WILD? Or are you succeeding at all in having a LD?

Thanks for the reply. By the way, which method do you use to induce LD if not WILD? Or are you succeeding at all in having a LD?

Thanks for the reply. By the way, which method do you use to induce LD if not WILD? Or are you succeeding at all in having a LD?

It seems you are very excited? That part is difficult, its hard to still focus on the HI when youre just about to fall asleep.
Maybe you should try an easier method first?

Sometimes when I’m not really trying, I go for months with no LD’s. But i can get on average, a couple a month. I don’t have any particular methods except for reading this forum and books about sleeping and dreaming (‘The Conscious Exploration of Dreaming’ by Janice E. Brooks, Jay Vogelsong, J. Allan Hobson is a good one), talking to friends/family about the subject and writing down my dreams regularly. Doing these things, especially just before bed helps a lot. Sleeping in late (over 10 hours) has also induced LD’s for me.

Have you ever heard/read about RC’s (reality checks)? -Basically multiple times during the day you perform checks, and every time make sure you are indeed awake. If you do this enough, eventually in your dream you will do a RC, at which point you may realise you are dreaming! That’s one method… and I think it’s the easiest to start with. I’ve had some minor success with it.

Personally I haven’t had a successful WILD attempt done… when I first tried it I got to the point where I felt like I was being pulled back. From what i’ve read, at that point if I “rolled” out of my bed I might have just wound up with an OOPE!

–WILD is no easy thing to do, but you can definately get there. I’m trying myself… very slowly (hehe). What you should do is, during the day take a nap and try to do a WILD. If you do it during the night when your tired WILD process will take much longer and with much weaker results, unless you’re highly experienced. Anyway try to keep your mind awake while your body goes to sleep. To do this you may want to try thinking something like: 1, i’m dreaming, 2, i’m dreaming, 3, i’m dreaming… and so on.

The first time you get to each stage will most likely scare you enough to wake you out of it. Just make sure your comfortable and eventually these stages wont suprise you enough to wake you up. The last experience with WILD that I can remember I got to the point where I heard my father calling out my name to me, and I could swear he was in the room with me trying to wake me up. Foolishly I woke up to check and there was nobody there, so… remember if this happens to you, no matter what kind of noise/voices you hear try to ignore them (unless it sounds like an emergency ~ better to save someones life than have a successful WILD, afterall).

Oh… and another thing… what I do is, when I count up and about 100, I start again and whenever I lose count I know that I have to pick up my awareness a bit or i’ll fall asleep (which is very difficult). I stare at the back of my eyelids, trying to almost look through my eyes…

–other than all that… just do more research and remember to stay calm at all times. If you end up in a dream you definately don’t want to scare yourself out of it!

Hey man thanks a lot for the help. Sorry about my three identical responses above, I hit “Send” three times 'cause my net was screwy.

Anyway, yeah I’ve had experiences like you have as well. Very frustrating. I see you’ve not had a “decent” LD yet? That sucks, I’ve had a few but they were unintentional.

Also, I wanted to add, I read this somewhere, that if you look as high up as you possibly can when you’re near the transition stage (with eyes closed, like your trying to look up between your eyebrows), that may enduce the transition. I’ve tried it and I felt disoriented and dizzy as if the transition was imminent. Didn’t work though.

That sounds interesting… I will take note of that, thanks. Well, I had a couple pretty cool LD’s, the latest I had was very realistic, i’d say life-like from what I remember just now.

Goodluck with your endeavours!

that happens to me ALOT whenever i try to do WILD.Probally has something to do with the third eye chakra

Hello CrazyInSane,
It sounds to me like you are keeping yourself too awake. When you are at that point, you need to learn how to keep the correct balance between awake mind - sleeping body. If you are spending a lot of time at the point where you are very relaxed, and getting some HI, then you need to relax a bit more so that your body can go to sleep, but not so much that your mind also goes to sleep. That is one of the key points of WILD.
MILD is another tech. that tends to be easyer for beginers. You can do RC’s as NeoMarine said. That works with just about any other tech. so that you have two or more things that you do at the same time to increase your chances of getting an LD.
You could also read this topic to help get an idea which techs there are, and which might be the best for you to try. :cool:
[How to Choose Your Technique)