Please help me with my weird dreams

Hi, I am new to the site, this site really caught my eye because I’ve been having some weird dreams for a pretty long time and recently it’s getting worse My first ever lucid dream was probably about three years ago and ever since t I always wanted to get this power/control in my dreams. The dream was about me flying over a city, it was so adventurous and exciting, like I had never enjoyed a dream before until I heard a deep voice say “never do this again and don’t tell no one” the voice scared me a bit but as I kept flying I simply ignored it until I woke up. Then probably an year later after that, I started having similar dreams not very sure if they are lucid dreams but I want your guy’s opinion or help on this, I tend to “wake up” in my room but unable to move, I see my room as how it is in real life but I am unable to move. While in other dreams I am able to move my arms feel the bed sheets, pillow, or my stomach with my hands but I would later get anxious as I stay in this state for a long time and feel like I’m stuck there or dead because I am unable to scream or talk or sit up/get up (it’s weird because I’m able to move hands and arms). I sometimes also get scared like if someone is watching me. When I get this type of dream it’s really terrifying. I also get a different type of dream, yes I know I get a lot of really different dreams, sorry for making this long but I really will like to know what you guys think about the dreams I get. Anyways the other type of dream I get is when I’m dreaming and I know it’s dream so I take control and I decide to fly (I really like to fly in my dreams lol) and in one my of my dream I was flying around a neighborhood I used to live at but as I’m flying it suddenly got scary and dark and I felt like I was fainting and later just faded out. When I “wake up” from the “faint” I’m at my room, I’m not awake though and I go through the same experiences as I had mentioned before. I’m not sure if I had an out of body experience but once I had gotten up and sat on my bed but something pulled me back and found my self paralyzed looking at my room and later after a minute or two I would wake up. I haven’t mentioned before but most of the “dreams” I get are very terrifying I feel that something or someone is there, the dreams have gotten worse as I now feel something is touching me (scratching me on my back or tickling me or a hand holding my shoulder) or I would hear a dog’s growl. Yes I know those are nightmares but they are always involved with either me controlling my dream or I that know I’m dreaming because I always dream in my room and always see as I would when I wake up. And, to make it more weird this summer I had gone to another country and dreamt the same thing, but I would dream the room I would be in and not my room back from my house. Okay, so these are my questions to you, has anyone experienced the same thing as I am experiencing? Does anyone how to overcome it? What does those dream mean? Or just tell me what you think about it.

Hi Jrt358. Welcome to the forums :smile:

These experiences can be pretty unnerving. From the sounds of it, I don’t think they are actual nightmares. Instead your experiences sound as though they are a result of something your body does every night when you’re in REM sleep. It’s called ‘sleep paralysis.’

When you dream, your body naturally inhibits the signals from your brain that would normally go to your muscles. This happens all over our entire body…the only muscles that aren’t affected are those to do with controlling breathing, heart rate, and your eye movements. This is why we don’t get up in the night and act out our dreams. It’s a way of keeping ourselves out of danger. For example, if you had a flying dream and your muscles weren’t paralyzed in this way, you might try to fly out of a window in your dream, only to jump out the window and seriously hurt yourself in real life.

However, sometimes this paralysis doesn’t stop after we wake up. That can be pretty scary because you are unable to move, and you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming. But not to worry, this paralysis always goes away, and the things you perceive aren’t really there; they’re just in your mind. In fact, you can use sleep paralysis to re-enter REM sleep very quickly, and to have more lucid dreams this way. People have a tendency to feel a ‘presence’ or to hallucinate during instances when they wake up, but are still in sleep paralysis. Again, this can be scary, but you’re in no real danger. In a nutshell, you’re ‘awake,’ but your body – and to a certain extent your mind – are still in REM ‘sleep’.

Next time this happens, try this out: remember that your body is in a state of sleep paralysis. This means that, if you stay still, you can soon fall asleep again, which means you’ll probably be dreaming soon. This means that if you remember that you will soon find yourself in a dream, you can enter REM sleep directly; you could almost say you’ll be lucid before you are back in your dream. This is a way of having a WILD or Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. This way, you have a new technique to use to have lucid dreams, and you don’t have to be afraid of what are otherwise some pretty creepy sounding experiences.

I hope that helps :smile:

wow…the part where you heard the deep voice is really scary… :woah: I think Shaper pretty much explained everything so all I have to say is good luck and I really hope that all these scary things go away in your dreams.