Please help me

Hi. I have a big problem with one reocurring dream. Here’s the story:

It’s saturday night. I go clubbing. I go alone, not with friends not with anybody. I don’t talk to anybody, I dance alone. I liked how I am noticed. I enjoy the music. I could dance and listen to this music forever.

Club closes. I’m driving back home. I come home, and jump right into my bed. I immidatelly fall asleep.

Now comes to bad part. Every time I go clubbing than go home and go to sleep, I constantly dream that I am in this club but sleeping in the middle it. When I am actually sleeping at home, I don’t realize this while I’m sleeping, what I do realize is that I am in a club, sleeping in the middle of it. It’s really hard to explain.

I am in this club for about 3-4 hours. When the club closes I am constantly thinking about what I’ve experienced. Than when I come home and fall asleep, instead of me feeling like I’m asleep at home, I feel like I’m asleep in the middle of the club. It’s a horrible feeling! I try to pray to God before I go to sleep, I tried to stand up from my sleep and tried to go back to sleep. Even when I do this, I still dream that I am sleeping in the middle of the club.

I don’t go clubbing anymore because of these bad dreams I get after I’m done clubbing. I don’t know what else to do. Can anybody recommend anything? Do I have some mental problems or something? I don’t take drugs, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I exercise about 3 times a week, I am just a 19 year old kid that goes to college, does his work. Why can’t I enjoy a simple and wonderful thing like going clubbing and loving the attention I get from girls. Please help.

Ok from reading the topics you guys have posted, this sounds like a Lucid Dream? Or am I wrong? Basically I am dreaming that I’m asleep in this club and it feels very very real. I remember one time, I was like sleep walking but I realized I was sleep walking and was dancing to nothing. I was about 30% awake and 70% asleep, and I realized that I was dancing and moving my hands like an idiot, but actually felt like I was in the middle of the club. I don’t know, I think I’m retarded or something :cool_laugh:

No, this doesn’t sound like a LD. A LD is when you realize you are dreaming. In this case you are dreaming that you are sleeping, and you never realize that you are in fact dreaming this.
You can try next time to remind yourself before going to sleep, to do a RC next time you are in that club, and maybe you will get lucid from that :smile:

It sounds like a sort of false awakening experience to me, and you seem to value the clubbing so much it sticks with you when you’re dreaming. You really shouldn’t worry about mental problems, there aren’t any! FA’s are generally signs of approaching lucidity, so maybe you should try a more optimistic approach instead of fighting/fearing the experience. After all, it is just dreaming and nothing can harm you. And you can get an LD out of it. If you like clubbing so much then don’t let those harmless FA experiences stop you from doing it :wink:

Thank you so much for your help guys. I still however can’t deal with the fact that I am sleeping in the middle of this club. I feel like everybody’s looking at me when I’m sleeping and this feels like a nightmare. Than I wake up walk around and go back to sleep and it comes back to me.

This only happens after I’m done clubbing. It never happens if I’m not clubbing.

I will go clubbing this saturday just to experience this FA again. I will try to relax when I get these nightmares, in fact, I will try not to even get bothered. I don’t think I ever had a Lucid Dream before, but I am looking forward to it. I would like some more replies from people with experience on dreams. Thanks a lot.

[color=green]Hi zenica

You know, you use this to your advantage and do tons of RCs when you are clubbing. Dont know if this will work, but if i had a re-occuring dream, i would use that to become lucid. :smile: [/color]

How? Can you please explain? Copy and paste from somewhere. I will read every single word that you reply with. Thanks so much.

[color=green]Hi zenica

Well i once became lucid becoz i was in a place in my ND that i previously was in another ND. Making sense? In my dream i was in London, but i saw places from Abu Dhabi, UAE (my home country). When i woke up, i realised that it was a messed up dream. The next time i dreamt of the same place, i remembered that i knew this owould be wrong and i became lucid.

If you are have a re-occuring dream, you can:

1] do loads of RCs while clubbing so in ur dream u do an RC and realise ur dreaming.
2] Sleep with the intention that if ur at the club, you will know ur dreaming.

I once wanted to share a dream with someone and me and her said that we will meet in a tube station near our house. I went sleeping repeating “i will meet her at the tube station. I will meet her at the tube station” and i kept repeating it in my head until i fell asleep.When i fell asleep, i WAS at the tube staion but it was a ND. But in my dream, i was doing something in the tube station all the time. You can use this (autosujjestion) and MILD to become lucid. Becoz ur advantage is that whatever you do, you are at the club. I think that is a great advantage right there. Maybe keep repeating “if i am at the club, i will know im dreaming” and keep repeating it until u sleep. See what happens. Improve on the technique. Test it out, see what happens. :smile:[/color]

I would also advice to do RCs while clubbing IRL. You have a big chance to dream about it afterwards so use it to your advantage. Maybe you will RC in the dream and get lucid, that will hopefully make you forget the bad experiences in the past :smile:

[color=green]Hi johan and zenica

Yes something i forgot to mention. IT is important that you make a association between club and RC. Like if you hear the word ‘robin’ your mind thinks ‘hood’. You need to make this kind of association between Club and RC. This is how you can use that dream to your advantage.[/color]

I will try this. I will always look at my fingers, jump around, do some stuff than when I go to sleep I will have the intention that I will dream that I’m in this club and hopefully I can get a lucid dream. Tomorrow is Saturday and I will go clubbing. I will post new updates and results. :cool_laugh:

LOL, instead of looking not to go clubbing because of those bad dreams, now I’m looking forward to go clubbing and having those dreams. Hah, thanks guys.