Please help with interpretation of my nightmare/dream!

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Hi people, I had the weirdest dream this morning, or two actually.

The first one being that I’m working somewhere. Its sort of an abandoned warehouse, and no one but me is working there. People USED to work there, but for some unexplained reason they aren’t. I’m also getting money for working there, but in a way it’s sort of automated, nobody is checking if I’m working there, since everyone has abandoned the place, but I think some kind of computer does that.
I work there, but I’m not really supposed to or aren’t really allowed to work there. I’m sort of misusing the system that they have for making money.

Anyways so I’m doing my work, in a room. I don’t think i know 100% what I’m supposed to do, but I’m putting my confusion aside and try to be confident about myself. The light in the room is sort of in an orange tint, and there is am orange alarm light in the window sill, which suddenly starts to light and spin. There is no alarm sound, maybe only a small one. This is a signal that means I need to start working. As i wrote earlier, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do exactly. But I start to put on my uniform. By the time I’d put on my uniform, I look around the room, doubting my decision about putting on my uniform was what i was supposed to do. I then see a telephone hanging on the wall. It’s an brown old 70’s style telephone. I pick it up, and my boss, (or perhaps an authority figure) is on the other line. I don’t remember what i talk to him about, but he’s about to figure out that I’m not supposed to be there. He then takes his car and drives to where I am.
When he arrives at the room I’m in. He then questions me about things. I get nervous thinking he probably has found out about me. I try to explain as best as i can, but he just sighs, and then picks up a bendable steel-wire from the table, and wraps it around my hands, tying me up. I start to cry, because i realize he’s about to torture me. Paralyzed by fear I don’t do any resistance. The steel wire is sharp and cuts through my skin, and it stings. I try to tell him that I’m sorry, but he says it’s already to late for that. He then proceeds to torture me in ways I don’t remember how. I suddenly have a fork in my hand (I think he was supposed to torture me with it.) I then stab him in the eye, the sharp edges that are bent on the fork are pointing down when i stabb him, so that it reaches inside his head under his brain (, you know how a fork looks right? hard for me to explain because english is not my native language). He screams and lets go of me. I then have another fork in my other hand. I stabb it in his other eye, this time with the fork edges pointed up, so that it reaches his brain and stabs it. He then dies right away.

I wake up, because i have to go to the bathroom. When I go to bed and fall asleep again, I start to dream again. This time, I’m visiting the post office, because I’ve got three packages that couldn’t be put in my mailbox because they were to big. These packages are also labeled with my friends name, but meant for me. Another “misuse” of the system.
One package is a book about yoga which I ordered, the second are a few books by a painter which i admire (this isn’t a IRL artist). The third was not a package, but a letter from the police, telling me there will be an assault in a shopping mart later at night and that the police will be there, and that I should be careful about not being mistaken for the criminal.

Later on, at the middle of the night. I shop some food and groceries at the shop, and wouldn’t you know, the police arrives just when i’ve finished shopping. I’m outside, heading home with two big bags of groceries, hoping they aren’t mistaking me for the criminal. I try to raise my hands in the air to signal that i have no weapons in my hand, but its kind of hard because of the bags in my hands.
They yell at me, telling me to stop where I am and that I need to get on the ground. I do what i tell them to, trying my best to show that I’m the guy they sent a mail to, and that I have no weapons, but its dark, and my bags are heavy. They get more and more hostile to me, yelling at me, convinced that I’m the criminal.
Suddenly they start to shoot at me, I get hit, but only stings for a while. I’m scared to death, hoping they don’t kill me, and I’m trying to come up with a way to convince them that I’m not the criminal. I suddenly see that one of the police officers are shooting with some sort of smoke machine. I then notice more and more officers are actually firing at me with softguns, water-guns and other toy guns. I then realise I’ve been had. They all suddenly laugh at me. I feel terribly sad and mocked. I lay on the ground crying, while all the police officers laugh and talk about how stupid I was for believing they’d shot at me with real guns, and then they all walk into the shopping mart.
For a second I’m thinking I want to avenge what they did to me, but then decide not to since they are the police, but I’m confused. Even though they are the police, what they did was wrong and corrupt, and should be punished someway.

Later on, it becomes very dark. I’m walking around with my friend (same friend who was labeled on the packages i got) and some other friends. We walk around trying to find out how to avenge the police. I rant about the police, complaining about how mean they were to me.
My friend then suddenly tells me to shut up. At first I think its because he’s tired of my ranting, and then get mad at him. But when turning around and looking at his face, which is paralyzed by fear, his eyes wide open. I see behind him a man, and realise we’re walking around on his residence, and that he probably is out to see if there is somebody there. Me and my friends quickly hide in the tall grass, and the man doesn’t notice us. My friend proceeds to tell me that the man is the mayor of the town we’re in. I start to wonder why I don’t know that this man is the mayor. We try to sneak out the residence, and the whole situation starts to resemble a stealth-game (it was actually quite fun!)
After a while we manage to sneak out, and we proceed to try to find some person we can talk to about the corrupt police, which also doesn’t cooperate with the police and is also corrupt. We also need to avoid the police, as they are searching for us. This part of the dream is vague, and i don’t remember so many details.

This was a very special and emotional dream. I’m beginning to get a clue what it perhaps meant, but I want to know what you guys think, aswell as sharing a great dream with you!


Some themes. Misusing the system. Punishment. Authority.

Misusing the system seems like a reference to real life. Some guilt thing maybe. But you get punished too harshly the two first times. The boss, and the police. Then in the last part, you get away with it. The authority figures increase in importance, from the boss, to the police to the mayor. The first delivers the harshest punishment, torture, the police play a mean trick on you, but the mayor doesn’t do anything, he does not notice you. So maybe the authorities of lesser importance hurt you more while the higer ups don’t take notice of you. Perhaps the boss is closest to you, and the mayor is furthest away, on the personal level.

o maybe you are doing something you think you should not be doing, and the ones closest to you would hurt you the most, and you hurt them the most. Anyway, you seem to not want to get caught.