Please help with WILD!!!

Okay you guys, I really need some help with WILD. If anyone has mastered it please help me to as well. I have been trying and trying though it is so hard to keep my mind awake and next thing i know, i am waking up in the morning. LOL, it is so frustrating!! Please help!!^^

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Am currently trying this method. So far without success, but that is mainly due to only just doing it. All I can say is keep at it =] read some of the methods on this forum.

The best advice I can give is in an article I wrote a while ago, you can find it here.

It’s really just the basics… stay aware and I recommend doing it about 4-6 hours after you go to sleep. Alarms can be used if you need, but autosuggestion will keep from disturbing you as much.

Combine WBTB with WILD. This method will give you a very high chance at a LD.

A question to anyone reading in this post;

If i am using a floor fan, full speed about 1-2mtr away from my face at night while i sleep, could this affect me in getting into a lucid dream in any way using the; WBTB, WILD, TILD, FILD or MILD technique??

The hard part with WILD should be the keeping awake part and not falling asleep. So first you must see which your problem is.

Go for a 2 km jog one or two hours before sleep (or any other exhausting activity), then put your earphones in and listen to some relaxing but long melody which repeats itself over and over. If you wake up the next morning and the song is still playing in your ears, then congratulations.

Your next step is to focus on that music and let it flow a bit, then get conscious of it again, and again let yourself drift, then again get conscious - until you again fall asleep.

Don’t try to stay awake ! That will only cause you some nasty insomnia. When you go to bed you should feel that warm feeling of going to sleep, your eyelashes should feel heavy and you should feel happy for going to sleep.

Don’t struggle to stay awake, just a few nights of this technique and you should start having lucid bits in your dreams. WILD (for a non-natural) is actually so hard that you can only train it by the script, as in, you can’t skip scenes (steps).

Try it out and let it come to you naturally. It will work :wink:

I use a floor fan as well. Having spent some nights with and some without, I can’t say it makes a huge difference for me.

I find that monotonous noises like fans or AC’s actually deter progression with WILD, but that’s just me. If you get to a certain point in the WILD process, but find that the fan is deterring your progression, get up, turn it off, and go back to sleep. You have to find out for yourself whether or not it’s really that annoying to you.
Trust me though, at the end of WILD’ing, you’ll know whether or not it’s keeping you awake.

As for staying awake, if your really having trouble with it, exhausting activity may or may not help. I could only imagine it would send you to sleep faster, which could be helpful, but only in some circumstances. If you could keep your mind awake long enough to enter a dream without getting bored, I’d imagine it would help with astounding results. However, if you succumb to sleep more easily, it might just send you to sleep without you ever knowing you did. Which may end up causing missed dream signs.
This is part of the reason why WILD’ing is so tricky, every little detail requires testing before each person figures out what works best for them.

In my honest opinion, WILD’ing isn’t one of the best techniques, let alone one you should try outside of a lengthened testing period, but if you really want to immerse yourself in it, I would say try meditation. Serious meditation. As in meditate for more than an hour at a given time, focusing on your thoughts the entire time. Try and focus on situations, complete storylines you want to follow. Think about people you want to see, if you want to create a dream character, think about every detail of the persons body and character. If you want to create a dream theme/dream realm of your own, think about the town/s, think about every detail of the region you want the area to be in. The key here is to keep your mind busy and your body rested, the same way you would in the WILD process, so that you can use this technique when you WILD.

Hopefully that helps, whenever you can, try and get a testing period. Anywhere from 1-2 weeks to devote yourself to LL specifically in the WILD area. Believe me, a period of time like this is more beneficial than you could ever imagine when trying to see results from something like this.

If you haven’t already, you should take a look at WILD FAQ. Link in my sig. And one more important thing, you can’t force yourself into a dream, you do not DO anything, just stay aware.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I will do some tests upon leaving the fan on and off during WILDing and also if I stay awake in my mind and body still for 1 hour while going to bed do you think I will be able to get into a WILD?

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