Please I Need Some Help!!!!

ok i tried the WILD method like right when i went to sleep around 12 last night, i just started counting from 1 to 100 and starting over again, i got the weird images in my eyes and theni sorta started to come out of my body, but then my heart started beating very rapidly and it woke me up, i kept this up until about 3 then just decided to go to sleep, and then i couldnt sleep, i just couldnt, so i got up and ate some ice cream (bluebell mmmmmmm) then i finally got to sleep, well i then woke up around 7 and was still tired so i tried to do WILD and go back to sleep, but i couldnt sleep, all i got to was the images like you press your finger on your eyelid,if anyone out there can pleeeeeaaaseeeee help me i want to LD so baddddddd by the way this forum RULES!!! keep up the good work

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