please interpret- first time..

when i went to bed lastnight,as soon as i closed my eyes and got comfortable i heard a female in a soft voice whisper my name-it was really strange because i had just hopped into bed- at first i though it was my girlfriend ,but i know she doesnt sound that eiry!!. then i started to see stuff come to gether in front of me-like wierd patterns— then all i could hear were female voice screaming and yelling ( like a choir of them ) the sound was scaring me- it was like a howling wind with voices in it… then out of know where i actualy focused in an island that was covered in fire- i was terrified-i abruptly opened my eyes to stop all this-then when i tried getting back to sleep i could see a figure over the top of me- it was very dark -it was like an outline of a person wearing a robe(black) but i couyldnt make out anything- then i could see 2 smaller Things??
next to it??-freaky shit- after that i stopped trying to focus on this and eventualy got to sleep.a friend told me about this website- maybe you might be able to shed some light on this-- scared of going to sleep!!!>

That sounds like quite an interesting experience, Justin.

The term used to describe these images is “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. You can read about it more in the links below. Most people experience this on occasion, just as they are falling asleep. However, what you’re describing sounds like the effects of a desiese called ‘Narcolepsy’.

You should probably do some research on the desiese, just to make sure you don’t have anything else in common with it (though usually people get a little suspicious when they find themselves falling asleep 10 - 20 times during the day no matter what they are doing :wink: )

Has this happened before, does it happen frequently? If it was only a one-time thing then it was probably just an unusually intense occurance of general hypnagogic hallucinations.

Read up on some of this:

Sorry, that first link didn’t quite work.

Try this:

Randomly firing synapses coupled with increased cortisol and reduced acetylcholine levels resulted in temporal lobe stimulation, which causes hallucinations and the feeling of incipient knowledge.

The end.


I don’t mean to make light of your dreams, really. I’m a wierd combination of a somniologist and a spiritualist of sorts, but I tend toward science. And increased cortisol WILL cause what you described. I’d consider any changes in diet, environment, and socio-economic situation as possible culprits. What ever the case, tell us so we too can have such dreams.

That makes sense!

Long terms stress results in a significant raise of cortisol. In the past year I have been under a lot of stress at work. And see: I experienced strong hypnagogic illusions several times a week.
The pressure is a lot less now and I haven’t had a hypnagogic illusion for a month now (only the ‘normal’ hypnagogic imagery).
This seems to confirm the cortisol part of the story.

I don’t know about my acetylcholine levels however… :wink:

So thats why i dont get any hipnagogics!damn.So…whats the cure…except getting some stress on my shoulders?


well, a LD is shares one or two similarities with a near death experience. So you could almost die. LOL! Just kidding.

I don’t know. I’ll do some research and see if I can find some chemical that safely raises cortisol levels, but I think lowering acetylcholine would be easier.