Please pay attention to the news.(warning polotical topic)

I do have a problem with people paying more attention to celeberties, and Linsey Lohan going to jail, and Mel Gibson rant, and who the next winner on American Idol. When there is alot of things going on under our noses.
Aparently this “Obama deception” video on youtube is really scarying the government. So it was hacked, and deleated. I try to keep a close eye on what is going on out there, and the enternet, and youtube is a great tool for this. The news latley is getting pretty scary, and our government is scared of us, and do not trust us just as much as we dont trust them, and its all a pressure cooker fuled by the media, and our friend the enternet.
I have a feeling before Obamas 4 years are over we are going to be in for some weird changes in this world. Jessie Vantura said it best… He said the Government is alot like pro wrestling where on camra they are enemys(Democrate/Republican) but behind camra they are friends. There is no diffrance between the two partys. This is to give the illusion of contol of the people, but beleive me all the puppets have the same goal. No matter who you vote for its all Bush.
What about the promises of getting our sholders back? There still not home. I do not trust our government, and I view everything by them as conspiracey. Yes you may say Im paranoid, but I think that is a healthy longterm way of going through this brave new world.
Im telling you if you are asleep at the wheel you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Fema is stock piling coffens.
If this scares you Im glad, because alot of peole need to be scared. More people vote for American idole then they do for president.The poloticians think we are all stupid sheep, or atleast this is what they want. Something bad is going to happen really soon, and we need to prepair ourselves. Earthquakes this year have been off the charts probley done by HAARP. This is a real technology, and it is being used.I think the BP spill was actualy a disstraction done on perpose. Religion/ Economy crumbling/war/Obama/bush/earthquakes/oil spills/Obama deception/ enternet/UFOs/2012/Freemasons/global warming/ GLF.
What do these things have in common. There all happning right now. If you want to know more then research connect dots. Be a paranoid conspiracey theorist, or just put it all out of your mind, and watch the latest news on Lensey Lohan. Im sure it will all just go away!!!

P.S. Just incase… Start stock piling some food. Non parashible items such as Ramond noodles, and water. I just do not have a good feeling about the near future. I know thats what Ive been doing. If Im wrong then Ill have plenty of Ramond noodles. Oooodles of noooodles. Watch “Obama deception”

By the government? Is there a bit of evidence that the government hacked it?

Well, his term’s already halfway over, and I think I can take another two years of what he’s already done.

That makes the least bit of sense. I don’t even see how that’s possible. Republicans and Democrats are as divided as oil and water. If Democrats support something, you can predict with 99% accuracy that the Republicans are going to oppose it. Name one thing that suggests the two-party system is a conspiracy.

Not possible. Politicians rise from common people. Common people are divided on political issues. Therefore, the politicians must be divided. When in the election process do political candidates, nearly all the time, begin to conspire against us?

There’s your problem: you aren’t even skeptical about conspiracy theories anymore. You haven’t provided any solid evidence to support your claims, except for that video that says another video was hacked. I would like to see some evidence backing these claims.
P.S. “The Obama Deception” is debunked here and here.

Conspiracies are complicated :meh:

Being critic against everything is good. Accepting every conspiracy is just as bad as denying every of them. Especially when you do little or no research.
Some people claim to have proven that conspiracies are true, other people have claimed to prove that they are false. Look on both sides.

I doubt you have read those, am I correct? It’s pretty much text in there.

[i]"[Alex Jones]We see you causing a depression so you can blow out the economy and consolidate it, bankrupt it, we know that you are enemies of free humanity and we are here, standing against your tyranny!

Alex Jones sure loves being a hero."[/i]

Not much of a debunking. Just took a random quote, haven’t read the rest.

Sure, there are some interesting conspiracy theories out there, but the majority of them and are simply absurd, and cannot stay afloat for long. Many of the conspiracy theories you mentioned in your post are long since debunked.

To put it simply, you are just fear mongering.

Conspiracy theory can be a fun passtime, but maybe you should lay off the conspiracy websites for a while, Kava. Go outside, and smell the flowers, take a long walk in the cold night air. I know you’re a musician, why not write a song or two?

At the very least you should learn to be more skeptical when you approach conspiracies, and take them with a grain of salt.

Or to put WCH’s words under another light… and this is a thought that strikes me every now and then: perhaps the biggest conspiracy of all is fear mongering. When you live in fear, and start paying too much attention to cases which, arguably, aren’t all that relevant if you think about it, your mind diverts from what’s clear to all people. Like the fact that the political systems of the West are all major failures acording to their own standards. So the biggest flaws, the biggest scandals, all that should really get pointed at… gets overlooked; hidden in plain sight.

Perhaps focusing on what’s on the mainstream news isn’t really a bad thing after all. The mainstream news report things that stink, bad, and we do nothing about them as we worry about conspiracy theories without enough street cred for us to mobilise people into taking action anyway.

Don’t become what you are fighting.
According to most conspiracytheorists, the elite are controlling us using fear. Much with mainstream media. But going to the believing in conspiracies and be afraid for them is kinda fail since it may give you even more fear.

I haven’t watched TV or read the news paper for almost 2 years i think, before i heard about conspiracies. Not sure why i quited watching TV. But the conspiracy theories gave me another reason to continue doing so. I guess I’m sick of the ads. “Buying this vacuum cleaner will chance your life!”. And mainstream media who reports about all the bad things and tries to give us a negative view of muslims, “Today a suicide bomber killed 10 people”.
I goes into our SC.
I buy very little stuff compared to others, i think it has something to do with me not watching commercials.

Whoa, hold on there. I disagree with Kava a good chunk of the time, but that’s a bit harsh, no? Rudeness aside, there’s a large number of people on our forum that speak English as a second language. I don’t know if that’s the case with Kava because I don’t know where he’s from, but even if not that’s uncalled for. Kindly keep your trolling to yourself.

Back on topic, this sounds a lot like the same story I’ve heard over and over and over. The evidence that you people present just doesn’t make any sense to me. Take a step back and look at it objectively. While some (and I mean very few) things might hold some water, most of it is a series of unrelated events. Until You can show me the thread that connects them, I’m unimpressed.

I have taken a brake from the whole conspiracey crap that scares me. I dont see it as a passtime, or hobby. It is a very unplesent topic for me, and scares me. I finaly decided not to get involved with it, because it causes alot of fear, and that is a simple way of looking at it. If its something that scares you then ignore it. That is the real battle in a nutshell. Fear, and love. we will never know if these theorys are true so Ive learned not to dwell on them. Ha I forgot one of my phillosophys world peace can only be found through inner peace. So please do the oposite of what I said… Turn off your T.V. like “Working class hero said” I need to smell the flowers.

Kava goes for a long walk. What a awsome time of year. Fall will soon be here.

I think there is a fine line between open minded and paranoid. Its okay to be open to ideas, just ideas that make sense. If i try to find a conspiracy in everything, then i will certaintly sucseed. For example, take LD4all. I could say that pasquale has faked this entire forum and has pretended to be all these people. i could say all of you are actually pasquale and she is trying to scam me out of my money. Well, even in theory it sounds a bit far streatched. your only 100% reliable tool in these situaltions is logic and deductive reasoning. What does q gain from making a fake site? nowhere does it ask for credit card #s, so she cant be doing it for money. Well, maybe she’s doing it just for the heck of it, but for the effort it would take to make years worth of replies, its just not worth it.

You can analyze any conspiracy in the same fashion. Who benefets? whats the motive? Is it even possible (many theories are based on faulty pretenses)? If its possible, is it worth the risk of discovery and/or failure? Is it worth the effort (eg, my ld4all scam wasnt, because youd have to make years of replies and build a website to boot)? Whats the likelyhood that it could sucseed?

Again, whith these conspiracys, logic and reasoning is your best friend.

Yea. It’s also easy to get lost and accept things without research. If you consider one thing true you may use that as a base for another thing and eventually your base will get weaker and waker and you may accept lies without research. Just because it fits your (weak) base.

yeah it is easy to accept things without doing your own research, but this is the reason why there are conspiracys after all!
I mean there are facts being covered up by global media and many of those “theories” are not really to be discussed as they are facts.
I know this always sounds like crazy to most people, but after doing some research everyone realises that what we shall know is not always reality!

Anyway i’m NOT gonna buy food in hope to survive rather than hope for revolution to rise as soon as things get out of hand, this sounds even more crazy than conspiracys but here in germany i know a lot of people who are ready to join arms for revolution!

PS: don’judge me because of that :smile: i’m still leading a normal live and we are not dumb either, in fact we have bright futures ahead!