Please watch out with those pills etc.

Hey Dreamers,

Please think good before you take any pills, vitamine supplements, drugs or any (unproved) ludidity enhancers. Most of the vitamine supplements distort your natural vitamine balance, we know about drugs, and sleeping pills might get you addicted.

So everyone, please just use the goggles, music, Novalight etc. and don’t use any medictions or pills, herbs etc.



DutchThor, That’s a good advice.

Using drugs too much to aid you with dreaming can hurt your balance and your health. HOWEVER, my belief is that you CAN use them to AID, not to FORCE you with a lucid dream or good dream recall. You just have to watch the amount of drug you use.

And herbal teas aren’t harmful at all unless they have green/black leaves in it (caffinee). I drink herbal teas sometimes (especially mint tea). I love it.

Anyways, I agree that you should listen to DutchThor’s advice because I have noticed that some people are too DESPRATE to become lucid; therefore, they do it in a very unnatural way. It is the best when you do it naturally. You can use drugs to AID you, but to FORCE you. You know what I’m trying to say?

I’ll stop saying anything more and cause you more confusation. :shy:

I guess its everyones business wheter he/she does it natural or unnatural way.Nothings better or worse as we live in a relative world and we all have relative attitude towards everything.
Dont take it personally but you have this natural ease to have lds and might find difficult to understand others desperacy.
I disagree with above but please note its not to argue or to tell anyone to do it this or that way.Its up to each dreamer which way he/she chooses and i dont see anything dangerous in taking vitamin supplements for that sake.Similar thing goes for sleeping pills-i cant imagine how better would it be to have sleepless night and walk around angry whole day if you can have an aid and feel refreshed and able to live.
Of course as everything you gotta know the limits and do it in mature way.That goes even for drinking tea.

Hey Jack,

Of course everyone must decide for themselves, but a little warning is never bad.



“The dosage decides wether it is poison or medicine”

Don´t know who said it, but it´s true.Your attidute can be important as well


I have experienced more strange dreams or occasionally LD when I was on medication. It depends. I took antidepressants for over a year a while back but those actually caused me to sleep worse or without remembering any dreams, like a numbing effect. But when I once had a fever and another time when I had taken painkillers for a toothache, and slept shortly afterwards (also during daytime), on both occasions I got a WILD. (I’m supposedly a natural WILDer, but it really occurs very randomly and hardly that often).

I agree with DutchThor - even though it might help you to attain lucidity, pills/supplements/drugs are a bad idea because you’ll become depend on them for your lucid dreams. It’s far better to develop the skill naturally and not be dependent on chemicals that may alter your brain and body. ^^

I make sure I do a complete study and research on what I am taking into my body… Make sure you know all the potenial side effects and the level in which that drug becomes toxic in your system. Make you know which ones are safe enough to take on a regualr basis and other that you have to take in cycles. I personally am being VERY carefully. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you. Be safe in your ventures!!

I agree with this warning. Too much of just about any kind of pill or vitamin can be very bad for you. For instance, Vitamin B6 is a popular one for help with lucid dreams. Too much of B6 can cause nerve damage so use it in moderation.