plz answer (was this a LD?)

i was walking.i did a nose RC .and i could breath! i am in a dream.i try to fly but i wake up.i say to my self wow my first lucid moment but i immediately go back to sleep and i wake up again. :eh:

my questions
was this a lucid moment? i am not sure because i read about stablizing the dream but i didnt do that and i immediately wanted to fly.

and was the first Waking up a FA?

and thank you in advance

-haithem Wishes that this was his first lucid dream :content: -

Title edited for clarification :mattias:

this sounds like it was a lucid dream. congratulations :smile:

we can’t always concentrate well in LD’s. especially when we are beginners. for some reason i always forget what i wanted to do in a LD. it’s fairly normal that you forgot to stabilize, many people have this happen to them.

keep trying :smile:

yay :woo:

thx for the reply

I’m sure it was LD. :wink:
Maybe you wanted to fly too much, that’s why you forgot about dream stabilization. I think next time you should think about stabilizing more than about flying (I mean at daytime, then your intention will be bigger when you fall asleep). I always think about all I need to do in LD, imagine myself doing this, visualizing, etc. So I actually never forget about what should I do.
Only you can know if this was a false awakening. When I get up I always feel the difference between real and false awakenings. And I thought everyone does…

thx for the advice.

When I had my 3rd LD that was real LD I actually wasn’t excited and I wasn’t “kicked out”. I made RC and then I started doing things I wanted (planned before). Flying was one of that things and I didn’t have to do anything special I just wanted to go higher, and that’s what happened.

next time think of rubbing hands and feel the cool temperature and think of that procces. also it’s good to watch the details, like the grass (concecrate on details). the last thing is just saying (screamming) “Clearness x100” or something. hope this helps.