Podcasts about dreams?

Anyone have any recommendations for podcasts about dreams?

I couldn’t find any topic made within the past 5 years discussing podcasts, so hopefully this topic doesn’t already exist somewhere and I missed it.
I work in a garden and have hours where I work alone and love listening to podcasts, but for some reason never thought to try to find dream podcasts. Maybe someone here has recommendations?

Matthew Walker outlines some pretty solid sleep science if you’re interested in that.
I haven’t listened to any podcasts specifically about lucid dreaming though, that’s a good idea!
I’ll check some out and pass you any good ones if I find them.

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I’ve started checking out a few so far:

-In Your Dreams with Chris Gethard and Gary Richardson
A short series with a great premise: listeners call in their dreams and the hosts talk about what it could mean. Unfortunately there’s often tension between some of the speakers, and the dream interpretation expert is so assertive that it keeps this podcast from being as enjoyable as it could be. I’ve been a little disappointed.

-The Lucid Dreaming Podcast by Lucid Sage
An experienced lucid dreamer/dream enthusiast talks about various dream topics. He’s a nerd and is especially into dream science and lucid inducing devices (kinda interesting to listen back on as the podcast is recorded in the mid 2010s). I’ve enjoyed his discussions and some episodes have introduced some new ideas to me. Would recommend for beginners and those interested in more of the scientific side of lucid dreaming.

I would really like to find a podcast like the first, but better executed that focuses on dream stories.


I’m going to continue to update this thread as I listen to more podcasts.

  • Lucid Or Bust: The quest for a lucid dream by Raelinda Woad
    This podcast is about a quest for lucidity. After 40 years of not having a lucid dream, the host buckles down to commit to a year of trying to have a lucid dream. I love how genuine the host is about the struggles of lucid dreaming. It’s humorous, well delivered, and engaging. My only critique is that I wish there were more episodes! Definitely recommend for anyone who’s struggling to get lucid or anyone who just loves listening to different ways to approach lucid dreaming. I am not a beginner and still found the content very enjoyable. In particular “The Myth of Lucid Dreaming” episode is exceptional and I think I will listen to it again.

How many episodes of Lucid or Bust? I wouldn’t mind following if there aren’t too many.

@moogle there are 6 episodes about 40 minutes each. The last episode was released in 2017 so I would assume that’s gonna be it.
I actually enjoyed it so much I listened to it twice.

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-Is This a Dream by Adam Cotten
This podcast features insightful discussions with great guests (so far including Clare Johnson, Nicky Alice, and Robert Waggoner!). My favorite thing about this podcast is that it doesn’t really focus on “how to lucid dream” or “lucid dreaming 101,” and instead focuses discussion on experiences and theories about dreams (although there are several helpful discussions and tips about getting lucid shared in the podcast, it’s just not the main focus).
It’s artfully executed; sounds and music (which the host composes himself) help enhance the mood and emotions of the discussion. I think beginners would find valuable information in this podcast, but those of us who are already familiar and more experienced with lucid dreaming are probably more likely to find this podcast relevant.

-Dream Story
This podcast follows a dreamer’s adventures in their lucid dream world where she’s affected by her real-world issues. It’s delivered like a story with voice actors and music. The heart behind this one will definitely resonate with dreamers who explore fantasy in their dreams. There’s only a few episodes so far, hopefully more in the future!

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-Dream On: Lucid Dreaming and Sleep (by Jennifer)
The host, who is somewhat of a natural lucid dreamer, explores various lucid dreaming topics in episodes that are about 20 minutes. It’s interesting to hear the perspective of someone who is more of a natural discuss dreams and lucidity. Jennifer is super approachable and is really interested in including topics listeners want to hear about, so if you’re looking for a host to interact with for discussion then this is the podcast to go to.