*poke to pasQuale*

Q, is your inbox full? I’ve seen you come on and you haven’t replied to my PMs…

I’m sure Q is busy. :smile: We all have our own life, you know? :wink:

:eek: checking now I can see they’ve been looked over at least because they’re in Sentbox and not Outbox.

She did say she was busy. I have sent posts a couple of times and never seemed to get replies. Either that or she hates PMs. :eek:

do you think Q would set a limit on her own (or other mods’) inboxes?
nahhhhh (wink wink nudge nudge) . What did you send her?

yes, even Moderators have a limit of PMs. :wink:

pasQuale is very very busy at the moment. Please be patient with her. She is working very hard.

If everyone sent Q “a couple of pms” can you imagine how many she would have? I’m always amazed at how active she is on the various topics. On some sites you never see the owner.

You have to be active to ensure a working forum. If your not active, then no mods can be added. It also allows expanding of the forums and website.

I also don’t think PasQuale likes being poked.

I just sent her a PM saying that a IB3 to PHPBB converter is now avaliable. But I think she didn’t recive it. Oh well. I sent one to DA. BUT HE SEEMS TO BE AVOIDING THE OLD FORUM. :tongue:

so, DREAM ADDICT, where is the IB3 forum? Is it gone :sad:

don’t yell, I’m right here! :smile:

I agree that is what makes a good forum, but many large forums are just not like this. Sadly, some admins don’t feel they “have to” be active and post, or they can’t. Some admins just prefer to lurk.
For pasQuale to manage this site, forum, emails, PMs, Moderator forum, work on future projects, AND have time to post a few replies. I agree with Moogle that I’m amazed she participates as much as she does. and! this is just some of her computer acitivities. I’m sure her married life demands some time as well. :wink:

back to the IB3 converter.
Technodreamer, my old 486 computer made an entire HTML backup of all the Network54 forum, and thats hardly avoiding it! BrainHacker and I copy/paste by hand many pages of Network54, until I found a good ol’ program to throw at the 486 to automatically do it. We have also added tons of individual post and threads by hand! to the IB3 board. (Lucidious Archivious :content: ) It was an insane process, and we havn’t been the same since. :crazy:

Looking over the history of the forum, I get confused with which who where what name whatever slagt vervex ikon phpbb Network54 :panic:

It hurts to even try to recall them all, but I’ll try to put a timeframe here:

-pasQuale makes a new forum, and nobody likes it (forgotten forum software name) *post are lost? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter because it was nothing but complaints. :wink:
-back to Network54, but Network54 turns “Ad crazy” and Q searches for alternatives
-Q finds Ikonboard, the members enjoy and it stays, BrainHacker and I get busy replenishing N54 threads.
-Q finds a better board, phpbb, and we search for a converter

It gets fuzzy here. I remember us finding an IB3 convertor, but I can’t remember if it was buggy or didn’t work for us. It may very well be the same convertor you PMed her about.

-phpbb is hosted on vervex.com (thanks Davion, I think)
-phpbb is hosted on slagt.net (thanks Hypnodude, I think)
-phpbb is hosted on ld4all.com (thanks pasQuale! :cool: , I think! :lol: )

Ahem, as you see. all of these conversions are not pretty. This current forum is litered with old URLs from the domain switches. I still come across many, and change them when I can.

and here we are today. :smile: Q is very busy working on a larger project than the forum. She is always interested in eventually merging this older data, but her current priorities force her to delay such a forum upgrade.

You kids always want things now. :tongue:

I was complementing on her on how much she does.

I was simply getting your attension.

Yes and no.

The IB3 converter may have come a long way in two years. BTW, when PasQuale posted, no such conveter yet existed. It has now been two years, and different versions have been created.

All I need is the address to the IB3 forum, if it still exist? This way I can study it, and try to help PasQuale.

Although this project is out of my programming experience. PasQuale should be able to do it though, after she has finished all projects.

In the mean time, if I can help in anyway, then I hope I can help. Even if it is as simple as coming up with new tips for the forum. It will help save Q time and allow me to donate, as I do not have the ability to donate money.

I’m sure many other people would be happy to donate. For example, people are helping to come up with ideas. I’m sure DM7 would be more than happy to help moderate, expecially how many small notion she makes.

This tuely is a brilliant website. Prehaps the best lucid dreaming website of them all. So well done Q, and everyone who has helped to contribute. Fortunly, it includes anyone who’s ever posted.