Polyphasic sleep - Dymaxion - log

I’ve been getting my sleep down to the bare minimum required since quite a while now, 3 months to be exact. I am down to 4-4.5 hours of sleep from my initial 8-9 hours naps. and plan to bring it down to 2 hours. I’ve noticed i feel better lately mentally too. But I am not sure how i will feel when i get it down to 2 hours. Anyways i will be posting a log on here. My current schedule is 1 + 1+ 1 + 1 hours and my final goal is to get it down to 30 mins + 30 mins + 30 mins + 30 mins. I use the guides on pulsify.blogspot.com/. Wish me luck fellow polyphasic sleepers and lucid dreamers :smile:

Oooh. A PolyPhasic Sleeper. :3 I recall trying to switch to Dymaxion cycle twice. Most of the time College requirements got in the way. :razz: Depending on what I have to do this Summer I may try again!

Oh, and I suggest you read the content we have here on LD4All as well. Here’s a link to a guide all about PPS (PolyPhasic Sleep). Oh, and yes. That was a shameless promo. :razz:

Thank you so much. Its great to meet a fellow polyphasic sleeper. And thank you for taking the time out to write the elaborate post on polyphasic sleeping. Are you on any polyphasic sleep schedules now?

I tried the Uberman sleeping schedule back in 2007 I think it was. With very little success. However, I would really love to try polyphasic sleeping again, but I just can’t see any possibility of fitting it into my life at all. How do you manage to get your naps exactly on the timeslots they need to be? It’d be impossible for me to always reserve exactly the same time every day.

I’m not sleeping PolyPhasically at the moment since my college schedule simply doesn’t allow for any of the variants. Like I said, though, I think I’ll switch over again when Summer rolls around depending on what comes up.

Good luck with your transition, though! :happy:

Most people including myself fail the first time they try out sleep hacking. Since you have been sleeping 8-9 hours a day for years, a sudden transition to 2 hours of sleep is way too difficult for to body to handle. Plus the blog link i posted above specifically advises against the Uberman sleep pulsify.blogspot.com/2013/12/Ube … cycle.html . It is practically impossible to maintain a uberman schedule in the long run.

On the sleep schedule that I’m on (dymaxion) i have to get only 4 naps a day. So its somehow manageable and since I am still getting my 4 hours of sleep, an hour here and there doesnt make a difference.

Mind if I ask what your timings are? Maybe you can do some variantion of everyman or dual core schedule. Plus were you successful in adapting to dymaxion schedule in either of your attempts?

Well for my first Dymaxion attempt were 12:00->12:30, 6:00-6:30 AM and PM. My second Dymaxion attempt was the “Gradual Adjustment” method I spoke of that I had to cut short.

My Everyman-3 was 22:30->2:00, 6:45->7:15, 12:00->12:30, and 17:15->17:45.

And what’s a dual core schedule? If it’s what I think, I’d advise against it. Any rapid switching of sleep patterns, especially extreme changes in patterns, are bound to cause enough stress that you won’t be able to acclimate properly.

EDIT: Oh, and it depends on what you mean by “successfully adapted” to Dymaxion. :razz: My first attempt I slept on a Dymaxion cycle for about three months although I would crash just about every two days.

My second attempt, the Gradual Adjustment one, was getting there. I only made it to the second or third week, but it was becoming easy for me to adjust and I’m almost positive it would have worked had I stuck at it. Unfortunately I had to call it off cause my parents were flipping out about it. :tongue:

And the Everyman. I was doing pretty good on it only occasionally turning my core sleep (the 22:30->2:00) into a 4.5 hour rest instead of a 3 hour rest. I called it off early so I could have some decent dream recall to participate in the LC… Sadly whenever I do PPS I just don’t remember any dreams… ANY DREAMS… :sigh:

Good luck with that. I am biphasic, myself. I sleep in 2 three-hour blocks for a total of 6 hours (approx) every 24 hours.