Poor Sleep vs Bad LD

Hi guys! I would like to know if there are more people here like me, but with success, so they can share something with me. Here is my problem: I have light sleep and maybe thats the cause of my low rate of lucid dreams. I feel I have some good sleep in the winter in the first 3 hours, maybe 4 of the night, but after that my sleep is very light, with agitated dreams. In warmer days, my sleep is very unrestful (sorry if that is not an english word lol, my native tongue its not english). I can remember my dreams and I know thats good for lucidty, nevertheless I have problems in getting lucid in a constant rate, so I suppose the problem is my bad sleep. Any hints, techniques, etc that are helpful for an agitated mind with a light/bad sleep? Thanks!!

I think it’s disturbing your sleep cycle.If you have to wake up really early,make sure you sleep about 8 to 9 hours before that,during your 6th hour is when most dreams and especially lucid ones appear so i think that is the problem,and welcome back to ld4all!

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I will calculate my sleep shedule and calculate that 6th hour. Thanks!

no worries,be sure to find out your rem cycle in that case too,if you can!!