Popup Blockers

Ok fellows, I am in desperate need of a Free, Quality popup blocker. I am getting random pop ups for no apparent reason constantly, even if no explorer window is open. It’s getting annoying, to say the least. I have already tried googling with little result, so I will ask you, the people! what your favourite pop up blocker is.

Please help! It’s for a good cause! (stopping popups of course!)

so you still use IE :smile:
before the Mozilla hounds attack you … I’d like to suggest “Avant”

It’s an award winning freeware browser with No Adware. No Spyware.

It’s different from Netscape or other Mozilla based browsers. It still uses IE at it’s core. So, I like to call it “the better IE” :wink:

It’s loaded with tons of features I can’t possibly list all here. Here are a list of advantages it has that Blow-zilla never will:
-uses currently installed IE plugins. no need to install a >20MB plugin for java, for windows mediaplayer, realplayer, shockwave … etc. etc.

-it’s still IE so the rendering of pages remains the same. (everything looks like what you are familar with.)

-it’s lightweight and not bloated.

-it actually has “tabbed browsing” installed as default … no need to hunt for “mozilla extensions”

Also, the popup features you ask for are customizable. It’s fully featured so you can block just about every known popup (especially with the upcoming new version)
It also blocks ads at the click of a button, or even flash ads!

enjoy! :smile:

Why don’t you try the new firefox Version with it’s integrated popup blocker. It’s pretty decent /me thinks

Hi Nathan Roy !
I’m using the PanicWare pop-up blocker.
But if you have random pop ups for no apparent reason, it’s maybe because you PC is infected with adwares. You have to use Ad-Aware 6 (it’s free too) and probably a good firewall, like ZoneAlarm (also free).

great point Basilus West! It’s great advice to scan for spyware using Adaware.

Here is a link to download adaware, majorgeeks.com/download506.html

I get popups from ie all the time and I don’t even use ie! I never use ie, all it is, is a popup spammer. I would delete it if they didn’t always make it such a pain to get rid of.

I use spybot S&D is Ad-aware better?


Nathan Roy
You can find all kinds of free pop-up blocker programs, anti- spyware programs and even free fire walls at freeware files. However, I recommend that you do not go cheap on your firewall and anti-virus programs. For those go with the name brands like Norton, McAfee or Zone Alarm Pro.

It’s Ad-aware, not adware ! Ad-aware removes adwares ! :smile:
I prefer Ad-aware.

google toolbar.
i still use ie. except for when i’m here.

Yea, I know sorry about the typo I just did not have time to edit it yet.

Anyway: is Ad-aware better than spybot?


Why dont you just use the mozilla firefox browser?? It is more secure, completly free and has a built in popup blocker. IE is just a piece of crap in my opinion. Not only do you get popups when using IE, but you also are of great risks of spyware and viruses.

get a real browser from here: https://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

The main reason why you have popups poping up even when you dont surf the internet, is because the security holes of IE allowed spyware to be installed… This would probably never have happened with a decent browser like mozilla, mozilla-firefox or opera.


Who let the dogs out…!!! Who…Who…Who…Who…Who…!!!

I will recommend getting an antivirus first of all :
grisoft.com AVG Its very good and FREE!!

then get Ad-aware !!!

then as others already said get a firewall such as sygate or zone alarm, they are free:

and last but not least of course put the deprecated explorer in the trash and get firefox :tongue:
You have tons of plugins, its fully customizable, its more secure and you have skins also. The best choice :ok:

Avant is nothing more than IE with some addons… It blocks popups and gives you tabbed browsing, but it still does not render sites correctly, cause it does not follow the official web standards of the internet. Mozilla both has tabbed browsing, follows the official internet standards and blocks popups. Firefox also has a great bunch of extensions for even blocking normal banners and flash ads, which also is completly free.

IE is not a browser in my opinion, cause it does not follow the official set of standards. Such browsers should be boycotted in my opinion, cause they destroy the internet.

Since when did you need extensions for that?? Mozilla has had tabbed browsing since the beginning!!

This is not true at all, IE does not come with most of these plugins at all, it actually downloads and installs them when you first visit such a site that needs a plugin. Latest version of Firefox does this automaticly now aswell for many of the plugins.

Definitely Firefox, safe and easy :cool_laugh:

:lol: I totally understand that opinion!

I just figure if I’m going to be an IE fan … I’m going to have to make fun of the situation.

I was once a hardcore Netscape 4.78 user for years … until IE5.5 than IE6(oooo, cookie blockers) And I have not went back to a mozilla based browser since.

I’m using Windows and not Linux, and my IE components are going to load regardless.
My reasoning is, Why add another layer of components just for rendering webpages?

I can configure my IE for safety, and with Avant it’s another layer of protection from annoying software. It’s much less of a load for Windows users. I notice the performance difference.

Sadly IE doesn’t follow the W3C standards. But even more disappointing is that many major webpages are designed for IE … not the web standards.

I should have said “foxfire” in particular, because it’s current version as of this date[size=75](PR1.0 I think)[/size] does not have tabbed browsing the default installation.

I keep my eye on modern browsers … but the current Foxfire crashed when previewing a post on the forums :grrr: that’s why I like to make fun of it :lmao:

It also annoyed me when I would paste a long URL into the reply form … it would create a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the form?? :neutral:
IE would have wrapped the text and I wouldn’t need to scroll sideways. :content: my mouse does not scroll sideways :neutral: I don’t want to use that 1985 scroll bar.

For Windows IE is fast and loads quick, and renders pages fastest so I’m sticking to it.
but it’s a target so call me crazy.

I haven’t noticed Firefox to be faster than IE… except on slow connections. I don’t know any sites which don’t render properly, and tabbed browsing does not need an extension, and some extensions are extremely useful for web developers.

PS If your connection sucks, download the Google toolbar to block popups. The ones that come up even when you aren’t browsing are from malware (blanket term for spyware, adware etc) and you’ll need Ad-Aware for that.

PS2 I use Firefox because of the tabbed browsing, nice little icon when it blocks a popup (compare to the SP2 Information Bar :tongue:), Find-As-You-Type, fast loading of tables and general very-nice-thing-ness.

PS3 Also, I like the address bar using Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky thing, the very complete fullscreenness, and shtuff.

PS4 Also, flashblock and adblock are very neato extensions. The Universal Hints System website, for example, was extremely slow loading before I blocked the ads. (This was annoying because you have to reload the page to get another tiny little hint, or a description of something you’ve already worked out.)

I’m using Firefox both in windows and Linux, and I don’t have any problems with it. Tabbed browsing do come with the default installation, and is an integrated feature, not an extension.

I find it irritating that so many people use IE. When I update my site I have to first make it look good in Firefox using standards, then replace my (x)html with older, clumsier somewhat equalient code so that it doesn’t look totally screwed up in IE. IE is terribly outdated, and doesn’t support any standard features that are newer than three years old.

If you learn to code html properly, you will find that it is a pain having to “downgrade” your site’s (x)html all the time because nothing is in the right place when viewing using IE. It can infact take longer to “fix” the site so that it is viewable in IE than it taks to do the original layout. A month ago I had just installed a new forum for my site and was very happy with the layout of the skin I made. Then a friend told me that all the buttons were in the middle, overlapping eatchother when using IE. After a couple of tries I made it look OK in IE, but it still looks better in Firefox.


The google toolbar is a form of spyware. If you don’t “opt out” of certain services when installing the toolbar it will be spying on each site you visit. I’d recommend it to too though. It’s simple to opt-out.

When I installed Firefox PR1.0 a few weeks ago it did not have Tabs enabled by default.

I had uninstalled Firefox after it crashed on me, but I was going to reinstall it just to understand how I had problems with the Tabs in the default installation … but the download was corrupt!! :lol: … by then my patience was lost.

However, I remember searching through Firefox after a default install for the Tab feature. If it was there … It was not intuitive at all.
I had to install an extension, and even then there was no option to keep Firefox from opening new windows.
It was annoying, and I didn’t want to use my scroll wheel to open a tab. I wanted “real tabs” to open with my normal clicking/surfing habits … not middle clicks on a wheel.

If you visit some sites not listed in google search engine, then they will automaticly add it to google, if using that toolbar…
kinda scary :smile:

https://www.spuler.us/extensions/singlewindow.htm <---- just press the install button there, and then it will open any links in a new tab, instead of a new window… :smile: You might have to go into tools|extensions|single window options and configure what to open in tabs.

I tried it and it works sweet here.