Positive lucid dream experiences

The other day there was a debate about reading negative experiences with Lucid Dreaming and how it may impede some peoples progress with there own LD ‘ing. So I decided to create a thread where people could come and read only positive posts about LD experiences. If you have had a successful lucid dream or had a great experience with a particular technique and want to share with others, here is a place to do it. I just ask that you don’t post any thing that is negative. It is my hope that people will be able to come away from this thread feeling inspired and know that they can and will learn to LD.

all LD’s are positive!!!
ok, I’ll go first lol!

My first LD:
I went to bed depressed and tired and ill, wishing my family would die.
I realised I was dreaming while talking to a friend and ran around in a huge circle screaming that I was dreaming. I stopped shortly afterwards cos I didnt yet know that you couldnt do things IRL while you were doing them in an LD, and I didn’t want to sream in my sleep and wake my family up. I thought to myself, wow, I’m worrying about not waking my family up, I must still care about them a bit then! nd I woke up, and in the morning, I was refreshed, illness free and happy.

How was that? :grin:

I have made a thread about lucid dreams but im sure it wont hurt to post my positive expereince here as well :content:


It all started when me and my mom were shoping together. We went to this really cheep store. There was also some kind of small boutique in the basement of the store(IRL there isnt 1). We ended up in the small boutique and as i recall we were the only ones in there(besided this Indian man). There was all kinds of nice clothes and Indian artifacts in there. My mom saw this odd shirt that was made out of tiny little dark brown shiny sticks(?). I just said it was nice if i recall correctly. After this i turned around and i started looking at this thing(dont recall exactly what it was ) and when i turned around…the Indian man was right behind me. We started talking and i think he actually said somethig like: “You are dreaming” or something. I totally Do not recall what my initial reaction was…but at that moment …i realized…that I WAS DREAMING ! This was totally out of the blue! I dont even know how it happened!! Anyways, after i realized this, i actually stuck my hand through the WALL!! It went throught!! It was really weird! Every time i stuck my hand through the wall i would see these multicolored lines where my hand was (?!?). Like multicolored lazers. I remember thinking to myself how kool this all was…and that i would have to remember it so that i could post it in here! After doing this…i actually wanted to go flying. Since i knew i was dreaming i knew that i could do anything…so i started floating through the wall. At this point i actually FELt my body in the dream start lifting upwards. Something weird happened tho…i couldt get passed the wall. I was flying…but i was stuck in the wall. I totally DO NOt recall what happened after this…i guess i must of had a new dream(which i dont recall) or i must of woken up…its very hard 4 me to tell.


Is that a good enough positive LD expereince? :smile:

i agree, i’ve never had an overtly negative LD, but about a month ago i woke up in the morning and had a horrible arguement with my family, after which i went straight back to sleep expecting nothing but a dose of oblivion. i ended up having short but awesome LD where i was in this abandoned indian city deep in a jungle with one of my most beloved characters from a story i wrote for myself a while back (i constantly become fixated with figments of my own/other people’s imaginations). it wasn’t a sex dream but he was kissing me and we were talking and wandering around this gorgeous place that was covered in creepers and exotic flowers and of course it felt wonderful. it’s actually what caused to me to consider becoming more focused on deliberately being lucid more often.

heh, and maybe this also reinforces the WBTB/reverse psychology methods of lucid dream induction - i’ve actually had most of my lucid dreams after i woke up early in the morning and went back to sleep expecting nothing.

well the most positive thing i can probably tell anyone is i have a rather flawless re-entry method.

basically, you wake up, you don’t move a muscle, and you talk to whoever was nearest you in a dream (even if you don’t know their name!) you are just like “hey, blonde girl… come here and pull me out of my body!”
(by talk I mean mentally)

you do this expecting her to oblige.

It works because:
You just spent a long time in the dream world, and it is more familiar to you as your “default” world than the real world is, currently, you also have dream feelings, images, and experiences fresh in mind.

You don’t have to do the work, she does the work, and you still feel her presence lingering, as you feel the whole world you were in lingering.

Now from my experience you need to use some imagination, ask her to tug on your hand, feel her doing that (it won’t be too hard) feel energy in your hand, feel constant tugging sensations…

Keep repeating “good, pull harder, I’m almost out, keep on pulling”, simply, “know” she is the one pulling on you.

It’s not hard at all really, because you were just there with her a second ago, and to your mind, that was very real, and to you, it probably was too, so why can’t you go right back? You can, and this is the easiest way thinkable for me.

Sure you can hassle yourself with mantras, WILDing, inducing SP, trying to jump out back into the dream… but why not let the DCs do it for you?

It only works so much, if you move, you probably ruined it (not always!) or if you are clearly not supposed to be dreaming anymore, the REM cycle is clearly over, you aren’t in the right mindset anymore, it probably won’t work.

But for a good handful of prematurely interrupted dreams, it’s flawless.

I discovered this on my own last year.

So that is a positive experince in and of itself, it’s a real pain to try and re-enter a dream on your own, yes I guess this makes my “dreaming skills” lazy but hey… I can’t argue with the results… I’d try to still practice other methods of re-entry such as visualization and SP induction, etc, too, once in a while though.

I have a happy experience to share!

I woke up recently, looked over the bed down at the alarm clock, and found it was 6:15. I dropped baack to sleep…

First I had an amazing dream where somebody had taken away my magic and I was staying with them permanantely. It had so many cool things - I was tempted away to have a “short stay”, I realised something was up and ran away away half an hour or so, when my parents came to visit I trid to communicate the problem, etc. I remember lots of tiny details: When trying to leave, I checked if the door opened before I said goodbye, and I whispered to my sister: “I’ve never used my magic, how could I get it back?”. I remember it beautifully, and with some tweaks it could read like a short story.

Second I thoguht vaguely about WILD (after waking up) and visualised a circle flashing. Soon enough I was in a dream, walking on my way to school, and I could hallucinate that something flashed whenever I wanted. I realised it was a dream, and the dreaded slowness set in about when I was going to do an RC. I woke up.

These were both eclipsed by the third dream, in which I did cool stuff like walk around on streets barefoot, examine rooftops, and cause the sun to heat the tarmac for me!

holy reality: As my dream re-entry, I used “I can see what I’m dreaming” over and over. It worked well (in the third LD).

Haha, actually, my negativity is the only thing that allowed me to have my first and only (so far!) LD.

I was laying in bed, trying to relax, but my roommate was talking so loud I couldn’t get to sleep. I was trying the 61-point technique, and a bunch of other things, and I got so frustrated I finally snapped. I just kept getting more and more angry until I was practically shaking I was so mad. I had been laying in bed for about an hour without getting any more relaxed, any more tired, anything at all basically. And after hearing more than once that many people have LDs just after hearing about them, and that most people have LDs within the first month of trying, and that many people have natural LDs, I was getting more and more frustrated with myself (I’m HIGHLY self-critical, which doesn’t help much in the LD department, but I don’t have a lot of say in the matter).

But after another hour or so of wallowing in my own misery and hating everyone for being better than me at something, I finally drifted off, and 6 or so hours later, I had a DILD, which only really came from the intense feeling of how weird it was to see a man dressed like a woman that was convincing everyone that he was indeed a woman. I have no idea why that made me do a RC, but it worked, and my LD lasted for about 6 seconds (-ish) before I got so excited I woke up. It was very low level. I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t allow myself to fly. I was still too scared.

Here is a good story that happened just recently.

I often stop at a little store every day on my way back home. There is this girl that works there that I always talk to. One day we started to talk and some how we got on to the subject of dreaming. Of course I had to mention lucid dreaming and was telling her that she could do it. She immediately stated that there was no way that she could do anything like that. I started to tell her about all the things that I can do with lucid dreaming which peeked her interested. I went on to tell her how easy it was and I started to teach her how to do it. I did not give her anything to read about it or tell her where to get information about LD ’ ing. I only wanted her to hear my message about how easy it was.

That was about 5 weeks ago. Now she already had pretty good dream recall and she improved that even more very quickly. I taught her to do RC and keeping a DJ along with MILD. We talked about WILD (my favorite) but, she decided on MILD. Now that was only about 3 weeks ago and she has already had 3 LD ‘s in the last 2 weeks.

To be honest I was a bit jealous because, here I was the teacher and I did not catch on to lucid dreaming that fast. Anyway, the moral here is that I kept it simple. I did not even explain how this skill was developed from Tibetan monks as I that would make it sound mystical and there fore hard. What is more I did not give much in the way of instruction. I just kept to the basics.

I hope this is not a fluke and her lucid dreaming skills continue to grow.

The important thing to remember here is keep things simple and thy will be.

Good luck and Happy Dreaming

(This is my 1000th post) :spinning:

Congrats on 1000! :grin:

Yeah, I know what you mean about it being frustrating. I taught my friend basically a synopsis of everything I know about LDing, and then he had one before me. And my dream recall actually seems to be degenerating. It’s hard to rid yourself of the notion that this is all very difficult once you’ve beaten it into your own brain. Your story has pretty much convinced me that it’s better to hammer it into people’s minds that it is easy, rather than warn them that it can be difficult sometimes. Although I wonder just how much of it was assisted by her better-than-average (?) dream recall.

Thank you Vae Victus

You are absolutely right. I think it is critical to really believe that lucid dreaming is easy. I remember way back when I had my first LD. After a long time of trying and practicing complicated meditations etc with no success. I gave up on it. I believe I was defeated by the false notion that LD ing was hard. Then one night I started thinking about it again and pulled out my battered copy of EWLD read a few chapters then just went to bed thinking about lucid dreaming. That night I had 3 DILD in a row. When I woke up I was overcome by the feeling of how easy that was. It was such an awesome experience that I was determined to have more lucid dreams ‘s. Since then I have practiced regularly but, made sure I kept things as simple as I can. So far I have not been disappointed. My favorite technique became WILD which was also much easier than I thought. I still get the dry spells that every one else seams to get once in a while, but my LD’s always come back.

Good Luck :smile:

Last week I only had 2 lucid dreams and they were rather weak. I was worried that I was heading into another dry spell.

However, on Tuesday I had some of the most awesome lucid dreaming I ever had to date and I was not even trying. I went to sleep Tuesday night with no intention of lucid dreaming. It started with a DILD Then I woke up into SP and used WILD to go back to dreaming and it worked. The amazing thing is that I did that 5 more times for a total of 7 lucid dreams that night. What really impressed me was that they were all very long and the most vivid dreams I ever had yet.

Wednesday- I decided I was going to do it again but no LD ‘s.

Thursday afternoon I decided to take a nap at noon time. Used WILD and succeeded. After my first lucid dream I Again woke into SP then WILD ‘ed back into a dream. Normally when I WILD I enter the dream in one of two ways 1) I feel myself being pulled out of my body into a dream or 2) I am pulled into the dream through HI. However, one time when I was in SP I just said, “this is a dream” then I just sat up out of my body. I never entered a dream like that before. Anyway, that afternoon nap yielded me 4 more lucid dreams.

all this inspires me more! and ive already had 15 LDs. Especially milod…im going to try napping tomorrow. now for my LD :grin:

I’ll skip the long normal dream and go straight to the lucid part…

I was at the top of my stairs, in my house. I looked at my hand and saw 10 fingers on each hand. I realised I was dreaming!! I was like…holy shit. I did more RCs to conclude that I was in fact dreaming…and they worked. I was so excited. I flew around upstiars and went in to the media room. there was a DC sleeping in there, and I used magical powers to turn him in to a llama…and I dont know why. lol. Then, I flew back to the staircase and flew down it. There was a huge mirror at the bottom of the stairs. It was covering the whole exit of the stairs. I said…what the heck…why not go in it. So…I touched it a little…and it acted as if it was water. I then stuck my head in to it, and there was black everywhre. I pulled my head out and was still on the stairs. Then…with a force…I flew my whole body into the mirror. I appeared in an office building, which I havn’t seen before. I looked out the window…and it looked kind of like the city on “The Fifth Element”. That is…i was sky high and there were floating cars everywhere. I jumped out the building and flew all over this city and then while doing so…I started to fall. I fell for like a minute…and then right before I hit the ground, I woke up.

good LD for me :smile: one of my longest. i got tons more…and posted recent ones on my dream diary in the “Dream Journal” section. ^^