Possible Good Idea

Just recently I bought a hand held tape recorder to enhance my dream journal. So I was looking through the manual trying to figure this thing out and I noticed it had an alarm function that enables it to repeat something recorded at a given time. Then I came up with what appeared to be a good idea. I recorded a message that included me repeatedly saying, you are dreaming, do a reality check! I set that message to go off at about 4:20 a.m. during my longest REM sleep period. Tonight I am planning to go to bed with my headphones on, attached to the recorder and see if the alarm will help me go lucid during a dream. Do you think this will work? Has anyone done anything similar?

I think it would work very well, I would like to get one how much does it caost, and where could I find it?

hmmm, good idea, the only problem is that if your a light sleeper, it might wake you up. of course, I’m not a light sleeper, so I think I’ll give it a try. let me know if it works

good idea! maybe u should listen to it alot during the day, so that when you hear it in your dream, you recognise it.

Yeah, I am so excited to try it out. The only problem I am having is figuring out how loud it should be. I don’t wan’t it to wake me up, but at the same time it does need to be loud enough to be heard. As for Kavaa’s question I honestly do not know. I actually recieved the recorder as a gift. It probably was not more than 50 dollars.

In case anyone is still interested this is exactly what I have.

Well, the only thing that i had from RL. My ear was hurting…and when i woke up it was still hurting…but ive never heard anything from RL in a dream. But i think its possible