Possible Lucid Dream?

hi guys, i’ve been trying lucid dreaming for a while, and i’m not that good at it, but last night i THINK i had a partially lucid dream. let me describe it for you:
I woke up about 7:00, decided i needed some more sleep and i would make it a LD. So I did some self-hypnotism (I’ll explain how to and why it should work for MILD’s) and fell asleep. The earliest i remember in the dream was in was sitting where i used to in graphic arts, but it was web page design and today for a change we took a look at HTML. I remember it looking like HTML, but very long commands i’ve never seen before. So then I walked through my dream hallway I’m starting to use to realize i’m dreaming and then we go the pool. It’s small and a white-creme color with a pool in the middle and a concrete barrier. I then did something i will not discuss in this forum, but i think i was lucid because i did what i wanted to, but i don’t feel like it because i didn’t realize i was dreaming, or take control of the dream. Maybe LD just isn’t for me?

It sounds like a FLD. But don’t give up yet on lucid dreaming, because for most people, it doesn’t come very quickly. If you’re patient, it’ll come eventually :smile:

Ok, Thanks, I won’t quit! Darn, that was the closest yet. good thing I remembered it, I almost didn’t log my dreams last night, lol.