Possible Lucid Drink???

I’ve recently come across a drink in the gas station that was called Lean Slow Motion Potion…It had some rather interesting dream ingredients that make me curious.(Valerian Root Extract-40mg & Melatonin-2mg per serving) I’d like to know if anyone has tried this for dream experience and/or if you would try it. :help:

P.S. Also, what dosage of both of these supplements is effective for LDs?

ahh… Probably not, but if someone tries it, please tell…

Anyway, substances are used to boost your recall and get asleep quicker, there is no “substance to LD - that never fails”…

I was going to post another reply, but… nevermind.

thank you for your reply. I knew of the fact that they boosted recall, but psychologists say that it also boosts vividness causing experienced lucid dreamers to find themselves lucid easier…I bought one and I will probably try it tonight and post details tomorrow evening.

Well…I tried this last night, and what I found was that I happened to wake up somewhere around 6 times during the night. I did some research and found that this was typical of the Melatonin. I wonder now if the waking up could possibly contribute to lucid dreaming by aiding in the WBTB technique???

Yes it does help WBTB and DEILD.

if you got more awakenings than expected, maybe you were just too excited…

PS: btw, don’t get too far with substances… :content:

Lol That’s good advice! You are possibly correct about the excitement. Thanks for your advice Tggtt!

P.S. I like your posts about awareness…Its a bit complicating but very interesting. I will re-read them later! :wink:

I’ve heard of Slow Motion Potion, and I was also interested in the effects it might have on dream recall and vividness.
I’d be willing to try it if I knew of a place to get some! Maybe I’ll try to find some and report back here.

(Also, I agree, I’m always cautious with substances :razz: Vitamins for the win!)