Possible Lucid?

Dream last night: I walk into our study and my dad is sitting at the computer working. I have no idea how I knew, but somehow I knew I was dreaming (or maybe I just dreamt I did…) I told my dad it was a dream and said “watch this!” and tried to push my hand through a wall. For some reason it was my bedroom wall, but that’s upstairs. I suppose this should have told me I was dreaming. Anyway, my hand wouldn’t go through so I guessed it wasn’t a dream after all. I didn’t wake up but the dream just kinda ended here.

Was I lucid?? I guess that even if I wasn’t then dreaming about LDing is another step towards lucidity. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

sounds like an LD to me, probably a low-level one but still an LD.

was that your first? congratulations :partying_face:

Whoo! :mrgreen_hat:

yep, definiatly sounds like the beginnings of an LD. :beer:

and also, dont trust the “putting your hand through something” RC, because alot of times, your brain will stop you from doing it, as happened in that dream, the clock RC or the finger counting is alot more sucessful, in my experiences anyway.

Yeah, I can’t have been very lucid because I didn’t think to look at my watch, or at my fingers. Ah well, I’ll know next time :smile:

what i usually do, is to make note that next time i become lucid, stop, and clear my head, and think carefully. because so many times i’ve become lucid, then ruined the dream by doing something and losing lucidity or waking up. if you make it a habbit to stop and think, you can remember to increase your lucidity, and remember some of the cool things you want to do.

Ok, so the trick is not to get over-excited. I’ll try and remember!