Possible New Technique: FILD

FILD (Friend Induced Lucid Dream)

My nephew and I tried a new idea we came up with last night. I have had one lucid dream before, and like 5 lucid moments. My nephew has had 3 lucid dreams. I started this a while ago, but just got interested again about a week ago… and he just started last night. We each had 3 lucid moments, meaning he had his first 3 on the first night!!!

This was what we did, we went to bed (not in the same bed of course :bored: ) and we set my alarm clock to go off about 6 hours later. When we woke up, I let him go back to sleep. Then when I knew he was asleep I said in a low voice, “You are dreaming” and “Do a reality check”. Then he did the same for me. We each almost had 3 LD’s from it, but woke up once we realized we were dreaming.

It seemed to be a pretty good technique, but we just need to get better at staying in our dreams… if we did we would have each had 3 LD’s in one night. The only problem is you have to have someone to do this with you, but as long as you have a friend you can get into LDing, then you can try out the technique.

If you want to know the dreams I can post them, but I won’t unless you ask…

Please give feedback on what you think about it.

Nice technique CC! Great it works for you. I think it is also quite easy to ‘program’ the computer to do this for you. Would it then be CILD :slight_smile:

yes the computer software inducers (CILD, hehe…) i guess are a lot easier to use… and more efficient (They might not fall asleep on you). But I myself don’t have a computer in my room or near where I sleep, so this might be a possibility for those without comps in their room.

But I guess you could also just make a CD that says, “You are dreaming” every once in a while… then set it on repeat.

So I guess my idea is only for those who dont have a comp in their room or a CD player… which I bet is not very many. :sad: Oh well, I tried to help…

I still found this real nice that fild…hehehehe…
What about michael jackson…he has no friends?
Oh well he could always do a nose rc… :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy:


well unfortunately it isn’t a new technique, tibetan monks were doing the exact same thing centuries ago. not meaning any credit taken off you, still a great idea. unfortunately none of my friends try lding

imagine if those monks had computers, cd players, etc… they’d be even more awesome LDers!

i tryed that with my brother but it didnt work, he heard my over a radio in his dream but i wasnt sayin anything right. but he is a dep sleep er anyway


I think for this technique a friend should do better than a computer.First, he can time it better, since it would be stupid to hear “you are dreaming” while you are awake, that would make you less sensitive to such messages.
Second, he can adjust his volume (If he sees that you are about to wake up, he can start to whisper)
Third, I think a real human voice is better than one from your computer boxes
And finally, if you do it together with a friend you know that someone is there to help you, that someone will be happy if you suceed and so on.The psychological effect should do fine :smile:

Unfortunately there aren´t many people who are crazy about lucid dreams…


One of the biggest advantages of having a real person there has got to be that they can time their subconcious suggestions to when you are in REM sleep, and sure to be dreaming.

Fool that is if the sleeping person is monitored with a eeg machine else it wil take much strain to look art a person all night…lol…the mnachine is connected with a comp who gives u a signal when rem is there…way easier…

CCHawk, real tibetan monks arent interested in machines…they want to know themselves…so they walk the path slowly but with much more detail then we do…and yogi’s are way further then lucid dreamers ever will be…on the path of sleep recognision…they can also be lucid like me in deep sleep or even under deep sleep…lol…they beat even my butt there…lol… :happy: they fully control sleep in all stages.