Poster Of The Year Award.. And the winner is.........

Who is the poster of the year 2003?

  • Atheist
  • DM7
  • Jack
  • Jeff
  • Infection0
  • Reality.Failure!
  • Mystic

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I have put all the names that everybody has mentioned in this poll - the nominees as it where - now we can have a vote :smile: This poll will run for 15 days - ends december 30th :smile:

So start voting everyone :content:

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We have had such topics in the past i thought maybe this year we should continue this nice tradition.
Vote for your favourite poster,it would be nice if you can add few words to it explaining your choice.
If someone graphically skilled - maybe you could try making its visuall side?
If moderators agree this topic will be sticky for a month-till the end of the year:)

My vote goes to Atheist:)For being tireless in taking care of our new members questions.And its clean understanding form.I usually envy him the way he can express its thoughts,hehe i even learn more english from this constructions:)

Hehe…and the special vote for Infection for explaing to us dangers of masturbation:)

My vote goes to Atheist, for giving awesome advice to the new guys (Like me.) and being an all-around cool dude.

My vote definitely goes to Atheist. He gave me some great advice a while back on how to remain lucid. It helped me prolong my lucid dreams and that kind of advice is priceless. Three cheers for Atheist :beer: !

My special vote goes to Atheist too :smile:

I also vote for Jack and Jeff for their creative skills. :biggrin: My hat is off to you all. You’re wonderful!

It was supposed to be Jeff, but where is he???

Oh well. Maybe he’s on a break with his lucid girlfriend.

I’m going to need 3 weeks to make up my mind who to vote for!! Is there a limit on the number of posters that we can nominate? :help:

Not at all moogle:)
Vote for as many you like:)

My vote goes to infection0.

I guess he kinda got me going on dreaming, cheered me up with his posts, and is a cool guy.

It’s hard to make a choice: Atheist or Jeff. Can’t we vote twice? :tongue:

The forum would definitely not be the same without you two.

You’ll be sorry you said that. :smile:
Atheist…for inspiring dream journal entries
Jeff…for coming into discussions with words of wisdom
Jack…for sound advice and also for cheeky comments!
Reality Failure…for always being willing to help
Mystic…for posts that are thought provoking

I’ll stop now before I name all the members of ld4all

hmmm… This is a hard one… I’ll have to put a few people;
DM7- for always taking the time to motivate me to continue my lucid journey as well as convincing me that one day Mint Tea WILL taste good!
Athiest- For continuos help with all my technical questions
Jeff- for always responding to my posts and giving me good advice
Jack- For lighnening up the forum! As well as helping anyone who needs it!

I may have left some people out, so I may post again, these are only 4 of the many many people who have helped me on the forum, inspired me and made me laugh, so thanks to all of LD4all for always being there for my every dreaming need :grin:

Well, Neo, duh. Accually i agree with charlottedreamer all the way.

My votes go to Athiest and DM7.
They are always willing to help and explain things in an easy to understand way. :wink:

Well, ofcourse, natrually I am the winner, lol, i only joke. I don’t know who to pick, but I would just like to say (and this isn’t relivent to this topic) that we should also appluad DreamAddict for his continuing hard work around the forum (if I am right).

Lol! blushes Thanks. And yes, mint tea will taste good. :biggrin: At least that’s what happened to me. :content: Good luck on your journey! :happy:

BioHazard… lol thanks. :wink: I try my best to explain things in a way that it’s easy to understand, but sometimes it’s not easy. Lol! :lmao:

To you all, you’re a wonderful poster! LD4all forum would never be the same without any of you! :smile: So thank all of you! :biggrin: And yes indeed, I agree that we should also applaud DreamAddict for his hard work… also Jeff. :smile: Also all the moderators. :smile:

I have put all the names that everybody has mentioned in this poll - the nominees as it where - now we can have a vote. This poll will run for 15 days - ends december 30th

So start voting everyone :content:

Oh brilliant idea Q!

Atheist: you’ve got my vote :wink:

Athiest got the Canadian vote, although that may just be the Canadian beer talking eh?

Only 10 votes so far eh?


I voted for my fave LDer.
(hope I was allowed to vote…I didn’t pick myself b.t.w…lol)
I’m surprised to see my name up there at all.

Psstt…has anyone worked on the ‘trophy’ yet…whatever that may be?
I’ll make one if no-one else has already.


Just say if you want me to or not.


Lol i voted for Atheist…for his dedication and patience of his posts…if i could vote a second time i would vote for myself at the second place , because of my special knowledge of sleep, dreaming and consciousness.
Because lol i still dont know noone that has the same knowledge about consciousness through all levels of sleep and did as much and unique experiments with consciousness while sleeping as i did lol.