Ive done a lot of reading on lucid dreaming and OBEs and although im new to this i am extremely interested to know its potential as there seems to be a hell a lot of mixed views out there. The main thing i wish to know is ,is it possible to take part in any communication with a loved one (alive)while you are both dreaming. I ask this because in my reading of OBEs and stral projection I was lead to believe it possible to communicate with any other physical body projecting their etheric body into the astral planes, and if when you dream you are on a middle plane surly it is possible. plz correct any of my mistakes as i am new to this.

I’m confused. Are you talking about mutual dreaming or having an OBE and going to visit someone?

i dunno,wots a mutual dream. i was just wonderin if i could communicate somethin with a loved 1 through lucid dreams.

A mutual dream is when two people share the same dream, but usually from different perspectives. If that is really possible, and you were lucid, I suppose you could communicate with someone else. Studies have shown that potential for ESP and telepathy is high during sleep.

thx man,ill go do some reading on telepathy then. :smile: