Power tripping with impunity

First time I’m posting on here, been lurking for about a year till I made an account few months ago. Been having lucid dreams sporadically for over a year now.

After navigating through the different sites and reading through people’s journal entries, I’ve been wanting to see what you guys would consider your biggest power trip while lucid. For the love of god, nothing mundane (relatively speaking) such as using telekinesis to knock down a mere house or making a tank disappear instantaneously with a magic trick. Still, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it, but I want more.

I want madlad stories like detonating a nuke point blank in your face to see if you would survive. Did you ever make the sun fall down to earth? Vaporized a galaxy in an instant? Participated in the Normandy landing, running and gunning without taking any hit whatsoever? Became the one and only culprit in your dream world for an international economic recession?

One time I drained an entire ocean just to spite a DC in a somewhat uneventful LD. Felt pretty good about it. What are your stories?

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I once stopped the rain in mid air so I could dance through it. I could see every individual drop just floating there.


I flew through a star once. But not because I felt all powerful, it was rather in the spur of the moment :mrgreen:


I want to go crashing into a star one time… One of my favorite things to do is fly up really high, to the edge of the atmosphere, and drop back down to earth. The effects vary from dream to dream. Sometimes I bounce, sometimes I land in the ocean and create a massive whirlpool behind me as I sink. It’s really cool.