Pre-Invented / Mantra - or "how do I create stuff in L

:tongue: On today’s topic we are going to cover a nice technique to insert some features to the LD with ease and without too many concentration/visualization but with some preperation.

This technique was used by me to write a nice story (and to experience it while writing) and also was used by me for my little “experiments”.

Anyhow, lets get started and as usual I am going to post the technique in basic steps:
1. Plan - Invent whatever it is you want to invent such as a special place , a special object, a special DC (Dream Character) or all together.
Impotant note - The more you describe it and write/draw/design it, the easier it will be to conjure it in the middle of a LD.
I use to write about it, draw it and if I can 3d design it. :uh:

2. Self-suggest and mantra - Before you go to sleep, you must read about it and look at the designs/drawings you made of it. After you are done and before you are falling to deep sleep, you also need to self-suggest “I am going to sleep , I will dream and I will create … in the dream” go over this suggestion over and over and over again (just like any self-suggestion) and fall to sleep with it. :cloud9:

3. Conjuring - Wham! You are lucid, what next? Ok, now you can use ANY technique of creating in the LD (I suggest the in-direct self-suggesting which works almost everytime for me) and conjure the object. :dark:

Why do I need to do all of this, can’t I just create it?
Well, theoretically, You can. But this makes it alot easier to create because you don’t have to visualize nothing, you already “saw” that object. You felt the object in the RL and you know exactly what it looks/feels/talks/etc like. So if you want to try and create some very complex being from scratch, do tell me how do you do it because I could never achieve that until I thought about this nice idea (Though I am sure someone already thought about it before me).

But what if I won’t be lucid that night?
Then first, bummer but it is not important because your mantra is continuing still. We don’t have lucid dreams each night, unfortunatly.

What are the uses of this technique?
One of my uses is the writing from lucid dream. I have written a story with the help of conjuring it in the lucid dream over and over again.
Also I use this technique to return to my pre-invented spaceship which is also my Dream Guide (A voice activated computer) this is a technique a good Dream Character told me to use in order to overcome the Text problem in my dreams (unstable text).

//taken from my blog (in my site area)