precognia like a movie

one night as i was dazing off i went into some state that was like a movie.

It was like i was dreaming but i was awake but not very conscience.

I was seeing my grandmother in supermarket of shoes talking to the cashier. the cashier was talking about how her son (my uncle) writes so many bad checks. then she said NO HE DOESNT! and was upset. then it cut to a scene of her tearing up a bunch of his bad checks but they were actually pictures(?).

at that point i woke up with a extreme tingly floating feeling for a few seconds and then was incredibly scared (for lack of better words) by what happened. I know it doesnt seem bad but as i was watching it it was disturbingly dramatic.

Is this, a whats it called, a severe version of precognia(what’s the word)?

I might be wrong but maybe the word you are looking for is Hypnagogia. Thats what I think best decsribes what you experienced. Hypnagogic Imagary or Hypnagogic Haulucinations happen when we are in the state of almost falling asleep, they are sort of like like mini-dreams. I have had similar encounters with Hypnagogic Imagary myself, they are usually quite vivid and real looking, and sometimes have sound. Like in your other post, HI can also be used as a sort of induction technique, if you are able to recognise this imagary without coming back to wakefullness, you can sometimes control it, and it will eventually turn into a dream in which you will probably be lucid.

ok, thanks