Precognition … jaCall.jpg

masterful win.

I should add, this was most definitely not planned. I pretty much spit my drink out when I saw it. :tongue:

That I need to get on chat more.

Didn’t get it at first but read it again and here I am lmao at 3am!

Hmmm, seems like the Lucidity_Master-on-demand addon they’ve been planning has finally been implemented successfully in the IRC. Truly a good day this is.
:tongue: :rofl:

Hmm, I have very hard to read that IRC-log that is posted, is someone willing to enlarge that pic? :tongue:

Yes, it’s too small, I can’t read it too…

Oh wow. That was glorious. :happy:

I enarged it the best I could, any bigger and I’d lose all the quality.

Haha! I managed to read it and it was really amazing :colgate:

Yep! I’m a ninja

For ease of reading, this is the log of the event.

[spoiler]Apr 23 03:38:38 have some lds
Apr 23 03:38:49 LUCIDITY MASTER
Apr 23 03:38:54 I CHOOSE YOU
Apr 23 03:38:59 * Lucidity_Master has joined #ld4all
Apr 23 03:39:06 Holy… shit
Apr 23 03:39:18 <Lucidity_Master> whats up shroomsta
Apr 23 03:39:18 MASTER
Apr 23 03:39:26 You’ll never guess what i just did
Apr 23 03:39:29 <Lucidity_Master> what?
Apr 23 03:39:34 JUST before you entered this chat
Apr 23 03:39:35 i said
Apr 23 03:39:38 LUCIDITY MASTER
Apr 23 03:39:40 I CHOOSE YOU
Apr 23 03:39:49 Then poof
Apr 23 03:39:50 <Lucidity_Master> lmao! seriously?!?!
Apr 23 03:39:53 Ya
Apr 23 03:39:57 <Lucidity_Master> epic[/spoiler]

if something is small you can hold ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in / out

if you have a mouse wheel , the scrolling variety : other solutions to zooming on demand besides copying the picture and putting it in MS paint ( etc, ) i do not yet know

Haha, utter brilliance!