precognitive dreaming

my whole life i’ve had intense deja vu’s -dreaming and awake- that can sometimes last up to ten minutes. i don’t care if no one believes me, but i can also tell if the phone is gonna ring about ten seconds before it does and stuff like that. as i’m getting older (16 in two months, yay!) the precognative dreams are getting increasingly detailed.
for instance, one i had a few weeks back:

dreamt that i was sitting in my closet, rocking back and forth and crying while talking on the phone to a good friend. had about three minutes of dialouge, which is private, and then woke up. (i’ve always been able to recall my dreams)

'bout three days later (after the dream had been pushed to the back of my mind) a friend called me up. the exact thing, dialouge and everything, happened. as soon as the deja vu was over i realized what had happened. creepy. :neutral:

i’ve also had deja vu’s where i KNOW it’s deja vu and tell someone… this kid of loop gets really annoying once it happens.

so… am i just insane, or is there a method to my madness? :grin:

That sort of things is so cool… My mom has a simillar “sense” but not as intense as yours seems to be. we already have one precog topic there.

i myself have them, the one i find really freaky was one in which i was being attacked (murdered actually) now all though the event has never happened (obviously lol) the room in which it took place was real.

the room was 40s design wall paper an old carpet, bed, fire place windows on the west wall. as i was being murdered i wrote on the wall in coffee “zulk - or - Zuly” the hand writing on the last letter was poor so i can’t tell.

now five years later i am working in a car shop in the local town, as i empty out the upstars stock room i am left in a room, with old 40s wall paper tattered and torn. The fire place on the east wall (obviously no bed) and the west wall windows where no longer there (but you could see the fresh brick work where they had bee bricked up)

and yes just a foot from the fire place was that word written in something that appeared to be in coffee.

now there is no way i could have seen this room prior to the dream, the only thing i can think is that i was there in a previous life.

I have done a little research while i was there and found out back in the 40s when the building was new, the upstairs stock room used to be the building owners bedroom.

I have those also. It gets really creepy sometimes. I know what you mean about the Deja-vu’s that last for a long time. You realize hey this is a deja-vu and then you think What do I do.Then it hits you Again I did this. It happens over and over you try and end it but you keep doing it. It sure is a crazy thing.

Does anybody have deja vu about having deja vu, where you can remember thinking “I’ve remembered this before” before??

Yeah, I have Foolish. Then it keeps going on and on. wierd huh.

Holy crap. I just had a deja-vu. I was sitting at my computer and it happened. I remebered it happening and me thinking to come here and write but I didn’t. So when this deja-vu happened I did the opposite and came right here to right this. Man the crazy feeling you get when this happens. Maybe it’s a sense we don’t know about. Or maybe we forgot it over time.

Maybe it’s what the other 90% of the brain is for… :tongue:

One time I spent the night at my friend’s house, and his mom would yell “phone!” then a second later the phone would ring. I’m not one to believe in this kind of stuff, but that was pretty strange. . .

that is exactly what i came here to talk about.
a few months go i dreamt that i was sitting in a table, with some people that i knew, but only in the dream, i didnt know them in real life and i was only familiar with the room in the dream also. in front of me there was lots of party food and i can even remember what i’m wearing.
about a month later i went to summer school for a week, and the exact situation in my dream occured. everyone was speaking how i remembered it in my dream, wearing the same clothes etc, and i realised it about a minute into it what was happening, that it wasnt deja vu i was experiencing, but that i’d dreamt this would happen. it carried on for about 5 minutes and then i got freaked out and left.

One time I woke up from dreaming and I sat up in bed and I had this thing come into my mind and I knew that the phone would ring. I knew who was calling and why. Sure enought just what I thought happened to a perfect T. After it happened I sat for like five minutes just trying to think of what just happened. The whole day I knew a couple of seconds before the phone would ring.

I had a precognitive dream about a week ago. It was about turning on the water in the shower, and it included what angle to set the hotwater valve on. I remembered it when I when to take a shower that day, and even though the angle of the handle was about 30 degrees farther towards the cold setting than I had it set the previous few days, it ended up being just the right temperature. Also I had on where I woke up and closed my window, and then I woke up IRL and closed my window. I think that falls more into the FA area than precognitive dreams, because I was pretty cold.

I have one every now and then. One time I had a dream where I was watching the news and they were talking about a “copy cat sniper”. I’m not goanna go into to much detail about it, but later that day I was watching the news and someething came on. It was exactly the same as my dream, right down to the sentence.

I am a firm believer in the paranormal myself.

thats crazy, it being computer/ld4all related, and happening as you type what you were thinking.

i, alas, havent had deja-vu in a while. however, i remember times where it would happen like 3 times a day, at least. in that period of time id be so crazy that i would always ask myself if i had already experienced this. i wasnt a dreamer at the time, though im sure that if i had remembered my dreams they would be of the utmost importance, i believe taht any time you question this reality, you will become mroe conscious, and lucid in your dreams. in fact, i once knew someone who, as a child, asked himself all the time whether he was dreaming or not, and now hes lucid ALL the time in his dreams.

sorry to get off subject. i need to start questioning reality again, and getting back some of those prior-experienced memories we call deja-vu