Precognitive Dreams about the WTC

Okay I have waited almost a year before ‘putting this out there.’ Here’s the thing: In September of 2000, I had this very vivid dream that I was in Brooklyn looking at the Towers, as they fell down. It was a lucid dream (I was asking questions like, ‘why am I in Brooklyn?’ and ‘whose house is this?’), but at the time I didn’t know much about lucid dreams, so I didn’t ‘realize’ I was having one. In the dream, several days passed. I was suddenly at City Hall, picking up debris. I was very angry because I wanted to be on the ‘decision panel,’ which would decide whether or not to rebuild the Towers, and ‘they’ had put me on cleanup instead. After I awoke from the dream, it stayed with me for a week or more, and I had discussions with friends about what would happen if the Towers really fell. Now comes the strange part. In June of 2001, I had a sudden job change, and began working directly across the street from the WTC. Lower Manhattan has always been my ‘neighborhood,’ but I had normally just been at the WTC to get various trains and do shopping. After September 11th, I was, in fact, half a block from City Hall, cleaning dust (not concrete blocks like in my dream). I have mainly kept my mouth shut about all of this, because I figure people will think I’m lying…and also because I lost so many people in the attack, it doesn’t seem right to focus on some crazy dream I had. Two things have changed my mind: first, in that creepy Bin Laden tape that came out last winter, there is much discussion of many people having dreams about a year before Sept 11. It made me really wonder what I had tapped into. And, finally, I found out very recently that I will be somewhat involved in the ‘forums’ to decide what is to be placed where the Towers once stood. After I came home from the clean-up, I said to my husband (who knew all about the dream from a year before), “Okay, they fell down, and I had to clean them up. If I get put on the committee to decide what happens next, I’m just not going to f*****g believe it.” Sorry for the swear, but it’s what I said.

This is the first posting I’ve ever made to any kind of ‘discussion group,’ and I’m not sure exactly how this works. Sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds by making this so long, I’m not up on the do’s and don’ts of this type of conversation. Mainly I’m wondering if any of you people have heard stories like this, or had some kind of WTC dream. In short, ‘What the hell?’

There is a lot of info out there about precognitive dreams. Here are some pointers:

Listen to Coast to Coast AM (radio show about wierd stuff in general, sometimes discusses similar issues)

Read about OBEs (Out of Body Experiences, which you probably have heard of)

Read about remote viewing (a method of tapping into something I don’t understand, seeing the future past and present from any spatial point)

Finally, read through two of DJem’s collected documents:

I don’t want to say “this is why, that is why”, so I post these things hoping that you can go find out more about things related to what you experienced. And, with this knowledge, form your own opinions.

…I think you’re really on to something with the ‘remote viewing’ suggestion. I’m going to start there. Thanks!

I’ve had dreams that came true probably 5 times in my life so I believe you and know it does happen. I don’t think many people would make something like this up about such a devasting tragedy and I have sympathy with you’re having to try to deal with this. My dreams were about such a very different and unique situation, that I know they were not just general coincidences. (i.e., Like if someone dreams they’re in heavy traffic, it doesn’t mean much if he/she communtes downtown to work by car everyday.) But none of my dreams like this were ever of something so profound and disturbing as 9/11. Not even close. Mine were good dreams that came true or sort of neutral, nothing bad. I’m a natural lucid dreamer, but like I said, have only dreamed of a future event several times and have no control over precogition. I didn’t even recognize these precognitions as such until they came true. Did you have any reason to believe this was really going to happen before it did? I’m also wondering, have you had any other unique dreams that came true? You may be like me and they won’t continue with any regularity. Or conversely, you may be and become more prolific. If your dreams like this become prolific and/or a similar nature to 9/11 events, you really should try to find a way to effectively give people constructive warnings. If you could make a positive difference, it would probably help you feel better about witnessing crisis events before they happen and better about yourself for having such dreams. Make something good out of something potentially bad. You know, take the lemons that are thrown at you and make lemonaide. I’m sorry that a unique experience like this for you had to be about such a tradedy. I know it sounds corny, but maybe it is a gift given to you by the higher power in order to help with such events. I believe that things like you’ve described have a reason and purpose.

When I was a kid and had a couple of these dreams come true, I thought it might continue and I might be able to warn people of an upcoming crises event. Didn’t happen for me and I really did not want to have disturbing dreams like this, so I’m not disappointed. But if they had been like this, I would’ve tried to help with the situation even as unpleasant as I know it would be. It can be pure hell having a conscious and doing the right thing at times (I’ve had plenty of experience with that!), but I think that’s one of the most important lessons we are put here to learn.

Would be nice to have good precogitive dreams and here’s hoping your future ones will be happy ones. Mine were few and far between, but I have had many, many lucid dreams, though, and that is interesting in and of itself. Take care.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Much of what you said rang true for me. Actually, on September 11th, I remember saying several times over the course of the day, “This isn’t happening.” I thought it was another dream, because things like that don’t happen. At least, not to me…until that day. To answer your question, I didn’t at all think that it would happen (the dream coming true, that is). In fact, on Sept 11 I thought I was having another dream.

Now that I am involved with the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Board, it still feels like a dream…because the dream is still coming true.

I have never had a dream come true before or since. Personally, when I find myself having lucid dreams now, I get a little scared, because I think I might be about to see something else that I don’t want to see. It’s a little strange. I read a lot of physics and I believe in ‘living the dream,’ as it were…in other words, all of life is a dream, really.

But I digress. I’m sure grateful for your kind message and thoughts. See you soon.

Tiffany333, Bad (good) news: we are all figments of your imagination. You are in a coma and I have been sent here by the outside world. Your brain has been active in cyrogenic freezing and creating a dreamworld for itself. WE are going to defrost you soon and need to make sure you realize that you are dreaming. Sure, you may not believe me, I mean, clock numbers don’t change and letters don’t turn to hieroglyphics, right? But can you really remember what it was like before you were born? That is, before you were frozen? The truth is numbers normally change and letters disintegrate, the dream you are living right now is just the opposite. Once you can convince us that you are lucid, we will be able to defrost you and bring you back to the year 2023. If you need to contact us, respond to this “message board”, we can decipher the area in your brain where memory of it is stored and read the “messages” you left for us.

Or am I just kidding? The WTC is fine right now… why did you blow them up in your dreamworld? Heh heh, :content:

Tiffany333. I think you should write a book or short story at least about your experience. It would be interesting reading to many and might help you personally as well. Often times writing a experiences down helps people deal with them. More importantly, it might encourage others to come forward if they have reason to believe a precog dream like that might warn people before the event. I don’t know if they’d be believed (people who come forward with such things) or if it’d even work out trying, but at least YOU’D know that you tried. If people won’t listen, then it’s their own fault if they ignore a warning that comes to pass.

Just gonna make a reference to the bible:
Somewhere in the old testament a king have a dream that Moses (think it was him, don’t remeber to well) tollkes to be a warning to the king that he has to prepare for a 7years famine.
Maybe your dream was a warning for you to stay the hell away from the WTC since you might be hurt. Next time you have a dream like this, and you die, I suggest you take it serius. What if you dreamt that you where in the building when it happend, I’m not gonna go there, but just think about it

Sweet dreams…


Just to let you know the guy you’re refering to in the Bible was called Joseph. He had a real talent for interpreting people’s dreams, and it got him into trouble with his brothers. They got fed up with him and sold him to some Israelites as a slave, but ended up as the Pharoh’s adviser after interpreting his dreams and predicting seven years of good crops followed by seven years of famine (don’t know if you’ve heard of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour dreamcoat - this was done as a musical in the West End for quite a while).

I know that story, I’m just not good with names.

I totally believe you Tiffany333. I don’t know what the hell it means, but I believe you.

9/11 was a very strange and horrible day. I also live on the east coast so I’m in your same time zone. I watched the events unfold live on TV, it was unreal.

After the collapse, I seen a shocking familar picture. I only first mentioned it to my mother, but then kept quiet because it sounded too wacky. When the 2 towers collapsed they left an unique shell of shards of metal. These shards were the walls of the towers, and they were left standing hundreds of feet in the air. I wish I had a picture to explain, but I’m sure you remember the shell of the towers that were left after the collapse.

My jaw literally dropped when I seen this “shell.” I told my Mom “I’ve seen this before!!! I’ve seen these walls before.” She blew it off and gave me some excuse I can no longer remember. It just assured me that people would not believe me so I never again shared it or tried to explain myself. Until I read your post.

I’m not sure if I dreamt of this image, or why this image was instantly familar to me. The most intense feeling I had of deja vu was during that moment on 9/11, after the collapse and seeing the shards. I KNOW I seen that image, but I don’t know if I acquired it in a dream or vision or other means.

Just recently I stumbled across another strange “coincedence.” I talk to a friend of mine through ICQ. We occasionally get bored and send meaningless messages to one another. I will copy/paste a short clip of one of these crazy ramblings from August 2nd 2001:

Silly I know, I said we were bored. Also, notice how my friend questioned “you make that up or is it from something?” as if she heard some ring of truth. Has anyone heard of “free association.” I think that is what it’s called … “free thought”, or “free writing”, or “free ???” something. It involves letting your thoughts flow and writing or speaking the random words that come. You supposly can learn about your subconscious from this activity. At the time of the above conversation I was not trying to be serious and I was letting crazy random thoughts form. My thoughts formed the statement “… recent attacks at the pentagon…” 1 month before the actual event.

I’m not Edgar Casey or Ms. Cleo, but it is enough to make you ponder on things … and continue to wonder.

I adopt the theory that all of time happens at once, we just witness different perceptions. This helps me understand how these occurances can be. My future self continues to re-live 9/11 almost daily, so why would I not feel “deja vu-ish” on the actual 9/11? Or maybe my more evolved future self is reaching back.

To help answer your initial question. I also adopt the theory that dreams prepare and condition ourselves for the future. Be thankful that your dream may have helped towards your safety.


I don’t know how it is to have a bunch of crazy suicidal mid-east guys after you, but it have to be scary if you live at attractive targets. I hope there will be no more attacks from them on any contries (not that they seem to know what peace is or something).
I remeber when I heard about the attack. It was on the way home from school (CET time) The guy on the radio sayd something about an attack on pentagon and WTC. I diddn’t belive him at first since he is a radioDJ and not a news reporter, but when I saw the pictures on CNN I became a beliver.
Strange happening that was. I live in norway, it’s just across the sea but still very far. And that attack stunned me. Norway often disagree on am. political decisions, but we sent our commando soldier up to help the us kick some taliman asses. I like that about norway