Precognitive wake-up call?

Hi Dreamers,

It’s been a long time since I last posted something on LD4all :blush:
I hope all of you are doing well!

I have a question.
I live part-time in a group home / living group for people with a disability (I have autism) and weekdays the staff always wake me up on 08:00 AM by knocking at the door, wishing me a good morning, and having a conversation with me.

Last morning I received a wake-up call BY PHONE without knowing this beforehand (since they normally wake me up at my door) so I was awakened from my normal dream by the vibration of my iPhone and Apple Watch. I was confused since I placed an outgoing phone call in my dream which was unanswered so for a few seconds I thought they called me back but then I thought “Wait… That was just a dream, I did not placed an outgoing call in real life so someone else should be calling me” and then I checked my screen, answered the phone call and realized it was the staff to wake me up.

Now I wonder how it could be possible that I dreamed about an outgoing phone call beforehand without knowing that about a minute later (or even longer) I would receive an incoming phone call in real life.
In my dream I was also expecting that the phone number I called would call me back so the moment my iPhone + Apple Watch rang (vibrated) in real life I thought “The number calls me back!” but a few seconds later I thought “Wait… that’s not possible, I just woke up from a dream so someone else is calling me in real life…” and then it turned out to be the staff to wake me up.
I immediately told him about my dream…

Is this just a coincidence? Or was I able to feel that someone would call me in real life (a few minutes later) during my dream?

Thanks in advance!


That’s a funny event. I’d still say it’s coincidence or a combination of strange behaviors that our brains exhibit under certain circumstances. For example maybe your phone was already ringing while you were inside the dream and this caused you to dream about a phone call which is going to be returned. Or your internal clock expected you to wake up and minute and this affected both your dream and your thoughts/perception at the end of the dream and immediately when waking up. This happens to me quite often, e.g. dreaming of my alarm and then getting out of bed and doing my morning routine. And as is usual for dreams they have a lot of leeway in the interpretation of what that would look like. So your SC might have made up the phone call thing on a whim.

If you think this was no such mundane thing and there was indeed some precognition at work then I would consider how to verify that. I guess the best way would be by trying to repeat the occurrence and find a way to do something meaningful with it.

Oh this morning I had a dream in which I was trying to call my wife and just as the calm connected, my alarm started to ring :joy:

Do you usually get woken up at the same time every day? It can seem like our brain keeps track of time also while we are asleep. It is common to wake up a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off, for example. The subconscious is amazing!