Preemptive Stabilization?

Could anyone give a full summary of stabilization methods? The only two I know are spinning, rubbing one’s hands and concentrating on one’s environment.

Could it work to say to yourself “I am dreaming” now and then in your dream, or would this only cause distraction from the dream itself so that you might either blur the dream or wake up?

Most importantly, I’d like a way of stabilizing the dream before it starts to destabilize, since this usually happens all of a sudden. Last time I had an LD, the dream was shattered because I tried to teleport myself to elsewhere by closing my eyes.

I’ve heard of people yelling “INCREASE LUCIDITY”. I tried it last night, but it didn’t really help me.

Also I think LaBerge said that it’s important when you become Lucid to really affirm to yourself that it is a dream, but I haven’t seemed to need to. The realisation that I am in control and can try out any of the things I have been planning is more than enough to keep me focused.