pregnotive dreams???!!! (help)

ok, i started up trying to get lucid dreams again, but i stopped doing reality checks, and jornaling cause im too busy and whatnot. thought i’d start back up in spring break and get some more info on it beforehand, but anyways… i stopped doing all of it, but on my last jornal entry, i had a pregnotive dream (sorry, crappy spelling) where i ran over some cats and they became zombies…anyways i went to school next day to figure out my friends cat died. before THAT i dreamt of my house blowing up and a couple of moths later (a month ago) we had to evacuate my town cause of a gas leak and there was a chance of my house blowing up! finnaly, i got a dream today i was on the freeway, and the road started shaking and metoers hit the ground. only to wake up, watch the news, and see a serious earthquake struke some town. WTF… any comments?

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This used to happen to me very often. It’s not really a surprise to me anymore, all I can really tell you is to go with it. I don’t know if it can be controlled or not, but you’re not alone.

Well, that is certainly peculiar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s much you can do with that. Telling people you know most likely won’t help, so I suggest just to go with it. Maybe it will pass, maybe it won’t.

The only reason I could think of this happening is the subconscious picking up on something; a background conversation, a clip from the news that you barely heard, ect.

There’s always the chance that you’re finding patterns where none exist. You once dreamt of an explosion and then, “a couple of months later,” your town had a gas leak. The link is weak. Much too weak for you to worry about it.