Premonitions Precognitive dreams

Has anyone else experienced premonitions or precognitive dreams,Either lucid or non lucid.
I have had many over the years.
One example :
Its dark.There are some plants.I am the night air.
I am outside the boundary of my friends garden and disembodied.I observe a group of people at the boundary.My POV possesses one of their bodies.I am just an observer and not in control of it.My tactile sense is not so strong although I can feel something personal between fear/anticipation/caution.They including the one I am ‘in’ jump and climb over the fence/wall of my friends garden.
We proceed to the house and are then inside.
Objects are taken and people go to different rooms.I realize I am witnessing thieves.The owners are close/arriving and I see headlights.I feel adrenaline then am running.People disperse and hide.Im disembodied and see building materials and builders in a partially out door space that is not part of his house.
I awoke and the norephinedrine from the dream kept me awake.

(3 Lunar months after this OBE;my friends house was burgled.I told him I had seen it and suggested he take fingerprints of the builders next door. He asked ‘How did you know there are builders next door?’)

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