the BIG PreCog dreams Topic - part II

This is part II of the BIG topic related to precognitive dream experiences. The first part can be found here.
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Hiya all

Is it possible to predict future events from dreams?
Last night something happened (Check my DJ for details Click here)
Even if it was only for a minute or so, I ‘sort of’ predicted what was going to happen today, even though it wasn’t my doing but my boss’s.

Quite scary yet very interesting.

Have you guys/girls ever had such a thing?

My brother has been attempting this with semi-limited success. He’s been able to provide football scores for a few weeks running now, as well as several other events of precognition.

Whether hes just getting lucky (a lot) we’re not sure. The last time he tried he had 3 simultanous FAs of waking up in a room full of decaying zombies that freaked the hell out of him. Its sort of put him off.

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ay that sounds scary!

I’ve had a few precognitive dreams as well…
One that comes to mind now, not very spectacular, but still interesting I think:

A while ago I was working part-time at a freight center, basically my job was to lift parcels on a short conveyor belt. If a package got stuck on the way to the sorter machine (because it was too big, for example), the belt was stopped and you had to tug the parcel out again. As you can probably imagine, the job was very dull and mind-numbing, and I quit after a short while.

However, one night my mind just wouldn’t go to rest, and I found myself thinking about standing in the freight center, working. I half fell asleep and woke up again several times (don’t know how long I have slept that night), always finding I was still thinking about work. One thing that I remembered clearly was that a small wobbly package got stuck under a wooden panel in the turn of the belt. That had never happened to me on the job.

When I woke up, I didn’t feel refreshed at all. That day, I went to work and, yes, I put a package on the belt that looked somewhat like the one from my dream, and yes, it got stuck. Hard. So hard in fact that I was unable to pull it out again. A mechanic had to come and stem the wooden panel up so he could remove it.

Well, not too improbable a story, but it was still nice to share it.

Yes, and I don’t know what to make of it! :confused:hrug: It’s usually about people dying and whenever I have a dream like that I never have to wait more then two weeks for it to happen. This has happened with, our dog, my pet chicken, 2 baby goats we had, my great grandfather, this guy we knew, a friend’s cat, our other dog and other things. I also had this major Deja vu feeling yesterday, it was like 6 times. But the weirdest and most accurate dream I had like that was when I had one that my great Aunt Ruby called us up and said that my grandfather had died, (I had never met the man, nobody knew where he lived for years,) and that we had to hurry up and fly to Virginia to get his funeral. I wrote it down and exactly 2 weeks after that we got a call from my Aunt Ruby and she told us that my grandfather had died and that we had to come to his funeral in Virgina! :unk: Needless to say I got pretty freaked and I told my mom and my dad and my mom believed me, (because I tell her about my dreams a lot and she knew I wasn’t making it up,) but my dad was annoyed that I hadn’t said anything to him about and thought I was making it up because he missed the chance to see his father one last time before he died. I had a dream two summers ago that my sister was checking the mail and got hit by a car and died and that our neighbor did it. Needless to say I was scared to death and my mom wouldn’t let her get the mail for 2 months. laughs (we did find out later though that the same neighbor that I dreamed ran over my sister ran over my dog and killed him, :grrr: ) Another thing happend not to long ago where I was driving a car for some reason near our house and I got out because there were these two guys having a gun fight, one guy got shot in the face and the other ran away. I ran up to the man and tried to save him but couldn’t and like two weeks later my mother and I were driving, (we had just left our house,) and at the end of our road three motorcycle sped by and we looked back and one had flipped over. We pulled over and I was the first to see him and he looked just like the guy from my dream! I think it goes without saying that I had the crap scared out of me. I went back and told my mom and said “I think his neck is broken.” My mom desperately tried to save him but when the ambulances finally got there he was pronounced dead. His neck was broken and he was brain-dead on impact. Very freakish, huh? :scared:

holy wall of text batman (but interesting recount none the less)

My whole family has weird stuff happen like this. Here’s a weird example. I had a dream that there was a math quiz the next day and the answer to the last problem was 385 or something. The next day, I had a quiz and ran out of time on the last problem. I guessed 385 and scored a 100.

Here’s a really strange example. I was lowered from a helicopter into knee-deep ocean water off the coast of some tropical islands. My job was to capture a rare aquatic rattlesnake so an antivenin could be made from its venom. After wading around with a giant net, a snake lunged out of nowhere and bit my face. I woke up, and by brother came up to me and said, “Steve Irwin was killed.” The circumstances were strange, and the timing was freakish.

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i have, i know it sounds werid but i really have

in my dream i was down stairs playing game and my sister found a coin of mine i lost (it was candian, i thought it was cool at the time, i was only :cool: under a plant, so in real life the extact same thing happend.

I think lots of dreams tell the future and we don’t remember them. This is my theory on what dejavus are because once i had a dejavu and was like hang on, i vaguely remeber dreaming his.

I first had precognitive dreams when I started writing my dreams down… this was because I wanted to be able to improve my memory recall…

Last year I dreamed about a whale stranded by near a river and wrapped around in plastic or something… 1 or 2 months later it happened literally and was all over the news… this was in London by the way.

I also got the result for portugal-england(world cup) before anyone else did. I wrote it in my diary and didn’t tell anyone. Strangely enough everyone I met was asking me about the result(a natural thing as I am portuguese), but I didn’t give it away… My prediction was later confirmed as portugal won 3-1 against england… in penalties.

I have also based decisions on dreams recently… with quite a lot of success I must say. The key is always writing down the dreams, this will improve your memory recall.

From the post I have read everyone seems to have had at least one precognitive dream. This makes me think that it is quite a natural thing.
It makes me laugh because most of scientists would say that predicting the future is impossible or sheer nonsense.

The first one happend a couple of weeks back, I regret not writing it down. Well I was having a normal dream and there was a scene in that dream that seemed very real. When I woke up I didn’t think much about it but there was this feeling telling me to expect it to happen.

One day later the person that was in the dream was wearing the exact same clothes that was in the scene. I was thinking it was just some couincidence, but I was waiting for it to happen, but it didn’t. The next day it happend the scene in my dream. I fell too my knees, It happend, every detail was the same.

I was starstruck, I didn’t know what to say it was an amazing feeling. From then on I began paying more attention to my ND. I had another one, it involed the police coming to my house and they were being very rude.

I’d say about 3 weeks later,(happend last Monday) the police showed up on my door step, but the only differnce was it was night time but in my dream it was day time. They were being very rude, violated my rights. I was amazed, I luaghed. One of the reasons why they were treating me like a thug. But I couldn’t help it.

Has anyone else had any similar experinces?

I’ve had lots of them, sparking from small little things that could just be coincidence to big ones like this:

I’ve also been told by a member of the forum that something that was in one of my DJ dreams was part of a private conversation they had been having.

I’ve had a dream earlier this year involving a plane having troubles landing and it’s front landing gear kept bouncing. Wee Captain Kangeroo. When I woke up and went down stairs, my father had the news channel on and it was at some airport in America, a learjet or small private/business jet had to declare an emergency landing due to problems with the front landing gear.

I remember that, that’s amazing.

I just posted this on another forum, but its worth adding here.

i beleive in many great prophets so i obviously beleive in the ability to see the future but i doubt it can be done so easily

you mighta heard the TV from your room?

My mother had a dream about a person that she loved leaving. She tried not to let them leave, but they did. The next day, her uncle killed himself…O_O

Hello everyone :smile:
My mum has precognitive dreams frequently,and so do I, I guess it runs in the family^^
(Even if her psychic abilities are sharper than mine)
I’m not surprised when I have a pregognitive dreams because I beleive that when you dream you free yourself from the physical reality that limits you in space and time. Dreams occur in a higher plane than the physical one where you are able to travel in time.At least it’s one theory…
This is in my opinion one of the advantages of lucid dreaming. To knowingly travel through time and see past or future events.

lucid dreaming does not allow you to travel through time or see past of future events.

Well… This is what YOU think :razz: (With all my due respects)