the BIG PreCog dreams Topic

This is the BIG topic related to precognitive dream experiences.

Now i know most of you have probally had a few of these even if you dont remember dreaming it at the time but a long time after when the actual event takes palce. and i spose that is why i am writing this.

A long time ago, roughly the time that i joined this forum i have noticed events in my life that i have dreamed before. now normally i wouldnt take to much notice of this as i have had precog dreams before. but the thing is the dreams that are comming back to me are from years ago.

I dont know if any one reading this read the post insde the news area about the forum layout? well i dremed about that over a year ago.
Same with the ending to the matrix 3 movie. i am sitting there in the movies and i see the end and i see what it is gonna finish like in my mind from a dream i had a long time ago aswell, and then up on the screen comes my ending.

I wouldnt find this to be… strange as i am used to crazy stuff in my life :content: but it isnt the idea of seeing the futuer that is getting me either.

it is the fact that these are from years ago and are starting to appear closer and closer together. like i have remembering pre cog 4-5 times a week now. so i am thinking that somthing big is comming, but i cant remember the dreams at all.

Any opions on this would help a great deal.



So you knew the ending of Matrix 2 before it ended? Hmm… either your subconscious is very good at predicting stuff, the makers of the Matrix 2 were really predictible, or maybe you heard about the ending from someone and forgot about it, maybe it was an indistinct conversation you didn’t pay attention to. Or, you’ve got very strange wierd stuff and should improve your TK and TP powers by doing all those stupid excercises on psipog. Interested in knowing more soon…

lol matrix 3 it was the first screen at 1 am. i am a damn fool but it was worth it anyway no one could have told me the ending cause it was the worlds sreening as for my tk and tp lol they are geetting there :razz: but i am starting to freak out like i feel somthing is comming now and that worries me

Dude thats so crazy.
I know you haven’t been in the sealife forum for a while but I have been having the same kinda thing happen. They keep getting closer together and more and more vivid in detail and feelings. I too feel that something big is coming.

The strangest thing is I’m starting to see stuff too. An example is I was at work and I was working by myself and no one else was around me. I had this strange feeling and I looked to my side towards where the feeling was coming from but didn’t see anything. About five minutes later I was over where I looked earlier. I then had the same feeling again and out of the corner of my eye I saw myself where I first felt the feeling looking at me just like before. I turned my head and it vanished. It really freaked me out. It’s like there was a time lapse and I was looking both in the past and the future.

Could you perhaps have that feeling with lotto numbers and if you do please let me know. Thanks in advance. :smile:

Yea I have had a few precognitive dreams before too. One I had recently sent a chill down my spine. I recently entered a Soul Calibur II tournament and I got to the finals of the tournament doing great, but when I got to the finals, something happened in my head and I just fell apart and lost the match. I was happy to at least have gotten that far, but still it bugged me how I just choked like that in the final match.

Later that night, I was flipping through some old entries in my dream journal. An entry from a month ago contained an entry about a dream of me playing that game. As I read through the entry, I had a growing feeling of Deja Vu reading every sentence. It turns out that a dream I had roughly a month ahead of this tournament involved me and my 3 friends that were at the tournament on the couch playing this game. I was whooping them all, then suddenly a MASSIVE crowd of people appeared in my den out of nowhere watching us play. I was playing someone and I was nervous with all the people. I horribly lost the match in my dream and what freaked me out the most is that in the dream I was using the same character fighting on the same stage that I ended up on in the tournament. So I think a subconcious deja vu made me unfortunately lose the finals :bored: .

wow that is intence. what do they call this claravoyant (spelling0 or somthing. i have trained with this to some degree but this is somewhat diffrent dont you agree. what do you think is comming?

i find precog dreams very intriguing!

do you still have all your dreams written down? maybe you have dreams of the important thing as well but you don’t realize yet that that’s the important thing until it has manifested itself IRL?..

i never had such a detailed precog dream as you guys describe here, but i do have things i dream of and then something similar happens IRL.

for example, when i was on holiday i dreamt that i had found a specific shop and went shopping there. IRL i had no idea that shop would exist on my holiday location. But what do you know, the next day we went for a drive and found the shop i dreamt of, and did some shopping there as well.

In CWG (if you havent read it, highly recommended), i think it is in part II or III that clairvoyance is explained like this (sorry no literal quote and i can get it wrong)

the soul creates its reality and the clairvoyant can somehow jump into time and see the things that the soul has already created for itself. then the clairvoyant comes back into this time and has memories of the would be creations of that soul.

in the book it is described differently and better but this is somehow the basics of it.

what i think that in a precog dream you somehow jump to a part of your consciousness that has already created that thing for you, but you still have to ‘travel through’ that IRL. Depending of how clear your ‘reception’ is you remember it detailed or less detailed.

anyhow i find it very interesting stuff and hope to read more about it.

i think the feeling you have when realizing you already dreamt it, i recognize that feeling. I have had that too - but i never had it in such detail as you describe, that you know what is going to happen next.

well, this is some thoughts of mine on the subject, sorry if i’m a little incoherent. it is late, i should go to sleep.

that is great Q. what was the shop if you can remember? and what is CWG some where on the forum i will go and find it. I sure as hell dont understand how this works, but it is very very cool. I have started to see things now outside of dreams to. what a certain girl is wearing. i have a strong feeling that this girl and iu are some how connected and for the past 3 days i have seen what she is going to wear the next day or the next time i see her. twice in dreams and for the first time today while i was awake. strange to see what you saw in your mind come into rl.

But your theory seems to be about right Q but i do have one quick question about it. what about the things that we havent made up for our selves? i mean like the clothes she wore or the ending to matrix 3. i dont think i made that up unless someone is reading my dreams and stealing my ideas :grrr:


Bye byez


This is definatly a very interesting topic. I have a couple questions, first, when you realise that something is happening that you have dreamed before, does anything change for you as far as your feelings or visuals. I mention this because this sort of thing has happend to me. Once, although this isn’t as extreme, it was odd, I was at my friends house and we were sitting on the porch. A red van drove by to the right, which ends in a dead end, then another, then another. Then I only saw one van drive back the other way. Now, the house is right near the dead end and every time the van drove by my friend and i just looked at each other and said, “that was weird.” I bothered me much more than him, he just passed it as “a glitch in the matirx.” But for me, seeing three of the same van going the same way to a dead end, was not… comforting. I felt a little dizzy and confused about the situation. Then, I had a dream where the same thing happend. I know this doesn’t qualify as precog, but I wondered if you felt the same sort of feelings when these things happend to you? Another question is, I have felt sometimes that things have changed recently, I mean in a since of everything as a whole, something has happend, (or in your case is about to happen) that has changed the nature of reality or perhaps just my perception of it. I dont know if anyone reading this will take me seriously but if someone does I would love to talk much more about this type of thing. I am very interested in this sort of thing and also if anyone knows any books i should read please list them for me so i can check them out.


ummm i cant say the last few times but i have had that. sorta a weird head spin thing then unfocus of the eyes and a strange pressure in my head. but that was a while ago. now it is more of what the hell this is very strange. and now oh another precog wow this is cool :happy:

i must be a lot of trouble today cause i dont understand that. do you mean that your view of the world has changed? i could rattle on about how my view has changed but you lot would think i am crazy lol. lets just say this isnt to diffrent from our dreams.

any way as for the books i know of none so i am too interested in them :happy:


What i mean is more along the lines of this, I have been having a long complex series of illnesses, that i dont really think you wanna hear the deatails of, but simply, I have been sick for like 2 years on and off and it has caused me alot of anxiety problems and stress disorders. This is all according to the doctor but basically it breaks down to I don’t feel normal. I have noticed things about the world that I never noticed before And i frequently see things and get the dizzy distant feeling. I also notice things about society falling apart and I often wonder about the future of our race. I see that the world is slowly (pardon my french) ■■■■■■■ itself over. I often get dreams about what i have called a reality shift, which best as i can explain it is that something has happend that has caused the nature of space time, or changed my physicall perception of reality, my understanding of the way life works, ect. Your precog dreams interest me because I believe that if you could control more about them or could learn to channel them into real life you may find that the world is different now that it was say… 10 years ago. I dunno, like i said most people would just say im crazy or wouldn’t have read this whole post. SO, to sum up if anyone out there is reading this i would really like to talk more about it :tongue:

P.S. I think I am a little Crazy and I like it


I would really like to hear you talk about those things…if you want post em up…



lol ahhhh ok now i get you. nope i dont think your crazy and for good reason. i my self am not crazy … well not to my way of thinkinbg, but what is crazy??? just diffrent from normal… well in taht case i am very crazy :happy: and so are the rest of you

any way where was i oh yer. the way i see the world has changed over the last few days infact. the world to me seems like… i dont know it is like the feeling you get just before you go lucid. you know that something is wrong but you just cant put your finger to it then bam u know you are dreaming. see i dont know how or why i have had these flashes of the future but it has got me thinking the thoughts i had when i first started lucid dreaming and i am sure all of you have thought this.

Is this real.

Now what do i mean by real? well i know this isnt a dream all my RT tell me i am not dreaming, but RT are based on rules that the dream world doesnt follow, but are based on teh rules taht this world follows. So ofcourse we cant at the moment prove that we are in face in ANOTHER type of dream because we havent found anyway to test it. and if we did we would be labled crazy.

ok that was just some crazy rant :happy: but time is short and i have to go to my next class. i think i had a post in quest about is this real somewhere got some good answers. did that make sense?


Lol, OK well that made since. Crazy, thats such a great word, because nobody really knows that it means, but to establish what we mean by crazy lets say that crazy means that you have some kind of physical or chemical or just mental instability that causes you to feel or see or know things that are abstract and have no backing. And by that defination i dont believe either one of us are crazy. One thing though, i like they way you put it by comparing it to a LD, i feel the same thing only it has lasted a few weeks maybe months im not sure which because i kinda forgot what its like to feel normal… One thing, do you take any anti-depressents or anxiety meds… i did for a while but they made me quit careing about everything and i desided that wasn’t helping at all…

lol nope i dont take any drugs. I dont think once you feel this feeling that it will ever go away. that is until we wake up :happy: lol but who can say. But any ideas how precog works? Qs was good but more would be great. i really want to understand it or at least use it proply.


Im not the only one who has these? I know its not hallucinations cause:

I’ve never smoked anything, not even a cigarette, and I dont plan to.

No drugs for me =P.

I wonder what causes these? >_>

hmm alright i just had one now from last year. so here i am in class doing web pages in html :grrr: and i look around and like i know all thsese people but i remember the dream from over a year ago and in the dream i knew none of them because well i was not at college then. mind you in my dream my computer blew up so i guess there are some diffrences???

I have a theory about how the Precog thing works, wanna hear it…well you are going to anyway :tongue: : Basically, time consists of a fabric that lays gently on top of our physical world like a blanket. It is pure in its existance outside of our reach. Time, like anything else does have a beginning and an end. Our physical bodies interact with it constantly on a daily basis and to prevent us from reaching the beginning or the end it simply folds over itself infinaty. So, it is possible for our minds, be it only in dreams where we are less influenced by our ego or sensory imput, or in waking life ( this would take lots of practice on meditation and trance.) to actually puncture through time and expierence something that has already happend countless times before and is always going to happen again. I believe that the dreams you have are actually your mind experiencing a moment that has already happend by simply exploring the “blanket” right outside of our dimension. This is just my little theory.

wow deep and well thought out. that reminds me of m theory but ohhh i wonder if we should go there. anyway does that mean we are always in the past present and future??? :eek: monday morning… not easy to think about… need a coffee

Well, i guess you could say that…but i perfer to say now is all there is…the past cant be changed and neither can the future… everything has happend already millions of times… this could be the 1000000th time I have typed this post…This could be the trillionth earth…ect.