the BIG PreCog dreams Topic - part II

pure coincidence of precognitive dream??

it is now the third time I have a dream about someone I haven’t seen in a while, and then, in the following days, I meet him/her IRL.

Last night, while sleeping, I saw that girl I met twice (once a friday night at a school pub 2-3 years ago, and in a bar 3 weeks ago). So, I saw her last night in dream, and this morning, she had me on that thing…

I am just saying this weird but quit cool.

There is one problem with PreCog dreams: They cannot be interpreted well. If only you could understand the meaning of a PreCog dream BEFORE it comes true, then it would be the coolest thing on earth. Of course, that the mind may prevent us from ever understanding such dreams before they come true, therfore making them useless.

I merged this from Lucid Adventures to the big Pre-cog dreams, since it is a sort of precog dream :sandra:

once, i had a Lucid dream that i went into a parallel dimention to help stop a machine army. Along the way i met 4 other people who i forgot the names of. We travelled through cities, stopping only to take what we needed to survive and making camp. Eventually we got to the central supercomputer, and destroyed it. I then walked with them back to where i came in, which was a clifftop, overlooking the sea. I said my farewells, and went back into my dimention. i then hung around, and went back to the parallel dimention, and as i appeared on the cliff, my companions were standing there, facing out into the sea. As i greeted them, they turned around and we all had a big hug, and went into a lakeside town to celebrate with a big dinner as it was dark by the time we got there. Then, i woke up.

Months later, i went on a big 9-day holiday. We stayed with some friends for the first 3 nights, and they took us to a place, which was a cliff overlooking the sea. Yep, you guessed it! The cliff was identical in every detail.

That was quite shocking to see my dreamscape exist.

Did you know about this holiday at the time? Is there any way in which you might have seen the cliff before, eg in a brochure, picture, video, poster etc?

The other explanation is that maybe in the intervening months you lost some detail from your dream - you cant really expect to remember that many details from a dream that long ago, especially landscape features - and your brain “filled them in” when they saw a close approximation to it (the cliff looked similar to the one in the dream - most do), making you feel it was the same one as from your dream.

I predicted what I was getting for my birthday, which was the day after I had that dream. I guessed it right, my present that lied under the christmas tree (my birthday is on 28th december) was a lamp which my brother already got a few months before, the box it was in was still laying in the garage. So after I had that dream about opening my present and revealing the lamp, I went to the garage and compared that box to the one under the christmas tree, guess what… it was the same size and shape. And a few hours later I discoverd it was indeed the lamp my brother already had and I dreamt about.

What I think of these precog dreams… The ‘evidence’ was right in front of me, I saw the box but could not guess what was in it, but my subconscious mind at night could! I think your subconscious mind picks up things from reality and then thinks about it and can so predict things, so basically…I think it’s deep reasoning and nothing more, it could be wrong as well. I had always learned your subconscious knows more things than you know, it picks up things at day and works them out during your sleep. Things that mean little to you are still being picked up and processed by your subconscious mind even though your conscious mind pays no attention to it. Well… that what I think :tongue:

yeah i think you can, ive had at least 2 dreams, which ive remembered a dream vaguely enough of to consider real life events not just as deja vu but situations ive acctually dreamed.

im still kind of skeptical though like maybe you’re brain is guessing its going to happen through things youve picked up and pieced together subconsciously, and it appears to you in a dream…er maybe thats what predicting is all about…who knows :tongue:

Yay!! I get to post here! (I think this is my second time in this topic?)

Anyway, I had a preCog dream last night! It came true today!

In the dream, I was at my grandparents house. My brother kept talking about Phoenix Wright 3 and then we ate rice and chicken with potatoes. I remembered the food the most when I woke up. The rice was brownish and tasted really good. There wasn’t any sauce, we used lemon instead. The chicken was boneless and the potatoes were greek style. I remembered liking the rice a lot. Near the end of the dream, I started putting it in a plastic bag. The reason, I have no idea. I wanted to save some of it.

Now, real life that day.

I woke up and told my mom about my dream. My mom said, “Well, I’m making chicken brochet.” AKA rice, boneless chicken, and potatoes!
I was thinking how weird this was. Certainly was a pretty big cooincidence. But I thought, what are the chances of having brown rice with no sauce, only lemon, and it tasted good? I know I hated brown rice. I was curious as to whether it would taste as good as the dream.
Later today, my parents decided to invite my grandparents over. My older brother came too.
…And he wouldn’t stop talking about Phoenix Wright 3! :eek: Already, I was tempted to write these cooincidences down on LD4all but I had to do the dishes.
At dinner, the rice was brown but that was because of the flavoring. It was delicious. No gravy either and then…
“Does anyone want any lemon on their rice?” asked my mom. My eyes widened. I took some.
The only thing that didn’t seem to fit was how I was packing a bunch of the food away until…
“Maybe you can pack some of this as leftovers for college tomorrow.”

So there you have it. A precog dream. Fricken awesome.

The first bit sounds like you might have smelt it cooking?

But the rest is too brilliant to be a co-incidence… unless your mum was setting you up lol

Well, the chicken wasn’t cooking when my mom said she was going to make it. She was in the process of cutting it up and that really doesn’t have a smell. Plus, I didn’t tell my mom all the details of the dream; I just mentioned the chicken and rice. ^^

I have had a few spontaneous precog dreams :tongue:
I once had one 2 years ago and saw myself in my maths classroom at shcool writing on paper, and I drew a grid of numbers,
and the next day in my maths lesson we were doing a task, and i drew a grid of numbers exactly as i saw it
I also had one recently where i was in my geography classroom at school and was looking at a textbook, and remember the layout and how it appeared
and the next day was working from that page in the textbook exactly
theyre very vivid for me
and always seem to involve school :tongue:
I want to be able to do it when iwant tho :tongue:

A few years ago, while I was sharing a large appartement with some friends, I had the strangest experience while sleeping. I was floating down the corridor, just above the floor, and it was like I had no body, but I could see everything around me. I stopped floating in the hallway, still just above the floor, and right in front of me I could see Eddie,the cat belonging to one of the girls living there, lifting up his back leg and taking a piss on my shoes!
I woke up and thought to myself it was a really silly thing to dream. I got up and went out in the corridor, and there I met the cat owner, and as soon as she saw me she said: I’m so sorry, but Eddie has pissed on your shoes…
I just wonder what was out floating…

I’ve been into precog for a while now, but I didn’t think there was much to precog within dreams… until today. :tongue:

My family and I were on a day-long cross-state road trip. Not once, but TWICE I had that strange deja vu of the most random places. One was a peculiar sloping of the road next to a “hill” (well, a hill by Florida standards) and the surrounding roads. I had never been on this road before but I instantly recognized it from a dream I had in the summer. Also, on the way home, we passed through a small town I also hadn’t seen before and sure enough, just like in a dream I had almost a full year ago, there was the shop I had dreamed about visiting with my family, on the corner by the rail-road tracks!

OK, this is a really long post for meager evidence but I’m still excited about this, now that I know dream precog is possible for me. :grin:

PS: @ Inanna, have you looked into OBE s at all? Your anecdote sounds a bit like one.

I’ve never had a precog involving dreams, or images.
But I’ve had a shared dream with my brother :smile:

OMG! I DID IT! :boogie: :woot: :hurray: :cheer:
it wasn’t even on purpose this time, and i can prove it on LD4all! :content:

In my story, Dream Eaters (which is in my signature) there was a kid, where in his dream, he heard a loud ringing noise. He also couldn’t move, and couldn’t talk in his dream either.
There was some lady that was getting closer and closer, he tried to fight it, but couldn’t.

But, read the first paragraph of Dream Eaters and then read here it is very similiar to the first paragraph of my story.
There are a few things that differ, but the overall thing is the same.

I sense a cheater!
HINT: this is perfect for exams

sometimes things happen which i think i have dreamed before , my brother (a.k.a. The Game) says he has that too :confused:

Ah! So I had this dream in maybe early August that somehow involved my friend and I in the physics room. I don’t even think I recorded it. But when I was in class today, out of nowhere I get a huge feeling of deja vu and suddenly remember that dream clip. (I would have dismissed it as simply deja vu if I hadn’t remembered like a visual “clip” of the dream).

I told my friend she was in my dream-deja vu and we had a good laugh.

Okay, this week or I’ve only remembered boring and dull dreams. But, I’ve noticed that some of these dreams actually came true.

December 16th, 2007 (Sunday night)

I could not sleep. I was trying WILD, but failed. I woke up a few times, sweating, even though it was one of the coldest night here in Florida for a while.

DREAM#1:There were some kids looking at a picture.
DREAM#2:This one kid, who normally wears black , came to school wearing a bright red shirt.

December 17th, 2007 (Monday, at school)

During third period, some kid gave the person who was sitting next to me a picture. He was looking at it, (which happened in my dream). I thought “wow, what a coincidence”

The same friend that I had a dream about, came to school wearing a Santa beard. On the bus, going home, this one girl said “On Friday, you need to wear a red shirt and that beard, and I’ll bring my Santa hat”

December 17th, 2007 (Monday night)

[color=blue]DREAM#1: I had a dream about the same kid who wears black a lot. We were on our way to an amusement park, and he was sitting in the seat behind the passenger seat.

I count this as a second dream, because I woke up and went back to sleep.
DREAM#2:Then, we were in line at the amusement park and people were staring at him…[/color]
Me, him, and two of my other friends are going to an amusement park for my birthday on the 30th. So, we can see if this one will come true or not.

December 18th, 2007 (Tuesday, at school)
I had no Dream Recall :cry:

So, do you think this is all just a bunch of coincidences, or is it real???
I want to know what you think.
And has this ever happened to anyone else?

I also think it is kind of weird it is happening around my birthday.

Dreams that came true: 1
Dreams that may come true: 3
Dreams that didn’t come true: 0

maybe and if they do, not every dream will.
my sister (DarkRaven) and I, have has some dreams that came true.

I saw that my brother fell sick and came home from the capital city. It happened in the real life.