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Then it’s really curious and it’s an interesting example indeed.

I’m sorry for you and your girlfriend. I know it’s a very hard to take such a decision cause I’ve a friend who had to do the same.

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I’ve been keeping a dream diary for the past 3 months, and I was going back and reading some of my entries this morning. There was one dream in particular that really affected me because of all the emotions that were involved in it. It basically went like this:

I was walking down a dark, tree covered street with houses on both sides of me. During this moment i had a strange feeling like i had been here before or that this place may be a second home or something. I keep walking down the street until i come to a little cul-de-sac. There is a road that branches off the cul-de-sac to the left, so i continue down that road until i come to a dead end. I look to my left at the very end of the street and there is what i suspect to be my friend’s house, in the dream it is brick and has black shutters on the windows.

What’s really scary is I had never been to that person’s house before until AFTER the dream.

When i was going to that person’s house, i turned down the road and immediately realized that this is exactly what i dream a few days before. I go down the road, and sure enough theres a cul-de-sac with another road that branches off of it and i’m thinking ‘there is no way.’ It turns out her house is at the very end of the street on the left at the dead end. Words can’t express the shock i felt at this point… because i was looking at her house and sure enough it was brick with black shutters.

For some of you this may seem kind of silly, but i have NEVER had an experience like this before and it has completely rocked my world :eek:

Well, if you believe in OOBEs, that’s one for you :smile:

At least, that’s what I believe that happened. That, or you somehow can/could see the future, like a reverse deja vu.

It could have been an OBE, but i’m not really sure because there was a point where i was walking with and talking to some people on that road. I did get a very peculiar feeling during the dream though so who knows? :happy:

I’ve had multiple experiences where my dreams rival my reality and vice versa. At first it weirded me out but now I am beginning to accept fully the reality (or potential reality) of these occurences.

Lately I see dreams like the mini-map on a Video Game…gives you a brief view of whats out there and where you are in relation to everything else (a higher perspective), but it’s brief and you still must experience it first person to truly understand.

Well, spirits talk, I suppose :smile:

A precognitive dream, cool :happy: I want one :cry:

Had you written down your dream before you went there IWL?

Yeah i had written it down about 3 days before, and then as I was driving to her house i was like wait a minute… this looks too familiar… OH MY GOD I DREAMED THIS!

Weirdest feeling ever let me tell you. :content:

To make a long story short, One time I had a dream that I was going down a street I’ve never been down before in my car and got side swiped by a postal truck. My car flipped over and ejected me out. I felt the pain and everything. I was laying on the ground and I knew I had some kind of abdominal injuries. My stomach hurt really bad.

About one week after the dream, I got lost trying to find a resteraunt that I was picking food up from for my coworkers. I recognized the street I accidentally turned on from my dream immediatly. I got to a stop sign that I went through just before I got hit by the truck. And would you believe it?? A postal truck was coming down the road. I had plenty of time to make it, but I waited for it to pass anyways.

Crazy huh??

Oh, and on a side note, I believe that de ja vu is memory that you have from a dream. I can usually remember the exact dream I had when I get the de ja vu.

You could have always edited the post prior to the last one, LightAndLove. :razz:

What has really drawn me to posting here was a story that I heard from a fellow member who had dreamt of me. She had said that one night, I had shown up in a dream of hers, and the next day she checked my photo in the Alphabetical Photo Gallery. As a result, she was suprised because in the dream, I looked exactly as I do in real life. :eek:

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yeah I know, sorry. I’m a dumb blonde, speak slowly lol.

I had a dream once with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in two years in it. The next day I had a feeling that I was going to run into him that day. Sure enough, that night I was downtown with some friends and ran into him on the street. I felt it coming too, right before I saw him and when I did I couldn’t believe it. Weird stuff.

I bet that the more we get used with our dreams (ie. we appreciate them as our friends and helpers for real life), the more they start to be connected with our real life situations that lay ahead.

Few small examples from this spring and summer from my dream diary:

  1. I go to a forest with my wife, but she prefers to stay outside. So i need to enter the forest alone.

We planned to go to a forest next day to see a spring flowers and make some pictures. At first we were there together, but later when i planned to visit far corner in this forest, my wife preferred to go out from the forest and wait me on a field. So i needed to go alone there.

  1. Someone i know IRL, was back from his trip to Italy. He was with his backpack and i asked from him, how the trip was going.

Next day IRL his mother called me. She said that they returned from the trip yesterday. (I had no knowledge whatever when they will return, and i rarely see him in my dreams).

Yeah this stuff is weird, isn’t it? I only had 1 precog dream before, I posted it in my hi, I’m new thread.

dream: Basically I saw myself opening my birthday present the night before my actual birthday: it was a lamp my brother already had some weeks before and the box it came in was still lying in the garage.

real life: The day after my dream (on my birthday) I took the box out of the garage and compared it to my present, they matched. Some hours later I was opening my present with my friends and parents around me and guess what… it was that lamp. This is scary, maybe people can really predict the future.

I read somewhere that scientist have prooven that precog dream exist just like Lucid Dream ?

Is this true ? I mean is it true that scientist have prooven precog dream ?

Ah yes, you’re right. There was an experiment in the 70’s at the Maimonides Hospital (in New York?) which said have proven that there where lots of precog elements in dreams.

Now I wonder why this experiment has not been reproduced amongst parapsychologists. :confused: I didn’t heard about another experience like that. Thus as it has not been reproduced, it can’t be said that it’s scientifically proven.

I’ve had a few dreams that I consider to be precognitive since I started recording six months ago. I never know that they’re precog while I’m dreaming, and when they happen later on in real life I don’t remember having the dream about them, but when I go back through my dream journal every once in a while I’ll find a passage and think to myself, “Gee, that happened a few days ago,” and the feeling will increase with each sentence.

It’s always banal, personal, specific things, and it the dreams usually “come true” about a month after I’ve had them.

For example: I had a fractured dream in which three things stood out to me. […] my friend John acting like it was his last night of summer and saying goodbye to everyone (even though it wasn’t his real last night), and a girl trying to hook up with me on some stairs. A few weeks later, my freind John was about to leave for South America, and even though he’d be back later in the summer, he was acting as if it were his last night out. […] Then at the end of the night, one of his girlfriends from college tried to hook up with me while I was heading upstairs to a bedroom.

I had to delete some sentences. Drugs discussion are not allowed on the forum.

I was skeptical at first, but the number of times precog dreams have happened to me, and the specificity of the things in the dreams has convinced me that there is something going on here.

I agree, I only have little bits and peices of premonitive perceptions…here are my minimal examples, last night I dreamt of my brother drowning in water, the ocean I think, and this morning I heared him say he’s been feeling as though he has been drowning latley. And I dreamt of my mum in company with one of her friends, a friend which she never see’s and that morning she was leaving to go see this friend. Its just little things like this which happen occasionly, but my hair dresser has full and accurate precog dreams which we discuss, and there are people that have the incredible ability to dream premonitively. Its amazing, yes I think research should be put into it. :smile:

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