The BIG Déjà Vu topic - Part II

Sometimes when I’m on a walk or something, I just start being aware, as if I wasn’t even there a moment ago, or until that point.

Or at least paying attention.

Most of us do the routine without even “being aware”. It’s like you know when you’re doing a test or something, and you think “I can’t wait 'til some time in the future, when i’m looking back at this moment”.

Anybody understand me?

By the way, I have deja vu at least once a week, one good one.

I completely understand what you’re talking about. It’s usually something awkward and noticeably entertaining. Do you think deja vus derive from this? I sometimes get the feeling that it won’t turn out to be a deja vu because i’m “too” aware of the situation. I feel like if I leave it be, and not digest it with reality checks, etc etc that it will increase the probability of having a deja vu…

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hm I was actually describing a completely different feeling. I think deja vu is more like you remembering something you did already, in a past life.

Anyways, it’s a pretty ominous feeling.

I get it every now and then. Usually for something normal, like talking to a friend, or seeing somebody walk up to me. The earliest one I can remember is I got a flash of Deja Vu when I looked into my kitchen, when I was about 5. Strange how it, for me at least, only is a flash. Somebody will say something, and makes something in MY mind go “wait…”

I got on this thread expecting something different, I always thought that deja vu was where you had seen something happening (while sleeping), and then when it it’s actually happening noticing it. I can remember getting it back until I was 12-13. I would just think of like pictures of life happening ,conciously note it. Then after like a few weeks or a couple months it would be happening before my eyes, nothing majors just like still images, a girl leaning on a truck(on a route i recognized,walking to a market store),a radar on a videogame.looking at someone over a pooltable. I haven’t had it happne to me for awhile though,I hadn’t been recalling anything for a couple months until I found this site

they are precognitive dreams … we have a BIG topic on them in the beyond dreaming forum
Sticky: the BIG PreCog dreams Topic - part II

I get deja vu alot. Though, I get the normal one about 3 times a day, but then there’s this other thing which is sort of like it…

Earlier that day I just accidently randomly imagine something for no apparent reason. At the time, it’s nothing. It just slips to the back of my head. But then later on, that happens. I can clearly remember imagining it earlier on.

I walked up my stairs yesterday when it happened. Or maybe that’s just because I walk up my stairs too many times a day. :tongue:

I get Deja Vu pretty often. Sometimes when I’m in my car, other times in school. Mostly in school with my friends, and I always tell them I just had one. But what really pisses me off is when I get Deja Vu is that they just happen randomly, and never when something worth to remember happens :neutral: Except for once, when I had a mathtest in school; I saved myself a couple of mistakes then :content:

I get deja vu a lot. Its a really cool sensation. Also, A theory about deja vu ive heard is that when you have deja vu thats happened in your previous lifetime.

I get them at work alot… however i think its because i ring up about 500 people a day… for the past two years, so it really just makes sense.

Got a few, the last one was months ago, and it’s always about having had the same exact conversation in the same place: i can’t quite figure out where the recalled memory does come from (dreams? daydreams?), but everytime i had those, they left me wondering for a while, then i said to myself “Meh, history repeats itself” (and with them we also tend to repeat situations). But it’s so striking when it happens. I’ve also had double conversations (in which i can actually recall the past one), so i tended to put dejavus next to them, only with fainter memory. Now, it could actually be some of that didn’t happen before, but you already talked about it enough for me to add anything :tongue:

i had a weird experience yesterday night(of course i wont call it weird after reading all these posts :tongue: )… basically its a deja vu in a dream but the thing is i dont understand whether or not there’s a source to this deja vu…

i was with a couple of friends in some sort of underground and abandoned ambiance where i’m left a little behind and have a haunting deja vu of having abducted from such a place before…i remembered that i was kidnapped from exact same place where i was first smacked hard on my head from behind and then pulled from my legs…the whole realisation of it happening before happened very fast and i rushed towards my friends…

its very odd for a person like me since i’m never scared of walking alone anywhere…not dark not ghost nothing…but in the dream my heart started pounding like crazy as if something had really happened of that sort…i was trying to figure out whether that event had taken in WL before…

very strange experience for me…

Every once in awhile, I seem to experience deja vu, it’s always the same situation, me and the people around me are going about their daily buisness when one of them does something that they wouldn’t normally do. At which point, I remember that person doing the exact same thing several days and/or weeks earlier, with no one remembering it happening. I am guessing the reason that this is happening is that my sub concious mind is picking up on abnormalities in the people around me, and while I dream, it plays out those situations. It’s odd because I remember the situations so I must have realized that I was dreaming while dreaming, I just remember bits and pieces of each. I find it odd having deja vu atleast twice a week, I am constantly telling my friends, “hey you did that three days ago”! Their response is always, “I’m pretty sure I didn’t”. In one case I had deja vu twice within 5 minutes, I am hoping that someone here can tell me what is going on, my theory seems to make a fair amount of sense, it’s just HOW often my brain picks up on abnormalities, how many situations can it go through while I sleep?

Any help would be appreciated…

Sometimes I just feel like I get deja vus all the time. I think it’s somehow connected to my dreams. For example, i sit beside my bed reading a book with a cup of tea and suddenly for half a second I just feel like I once had a dream with the exact same scene and then the feeling just goes away :eek: weird weird.

Later on i read an article which says that while your brain analyses what you are doing, it might unvoluntarily rewind what it just memorized which leads to a feeling of deja vu

i get de ja vus like every three months or so, likely longer. but i got one so strongly once that i got visions and heard of voices of doing it before. never have done it before…i think it may have been a strong past life vision…haha i probully sound crazy right lol :smile:

The last time I got a Deja Vu was a few days ago in class.

I recognized the sensation fast, and tried to predict what my teacher was going to say. He didn’t say what I thought.

I thought he was going to say something about armadillos. Perhaps a long lost dream where everything was exactly the same, besides what my teacher was about to say.

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Or an infinite time loop which will only stop if my teacher doesn’t talk about armadillos. :razz:

Deja Vu is awesome, I didn’t had one for some time but the best thing about it are theories…

The best one I heard is from TV series: Fringe, If somebody watched it knows what I’m talking about, and for those who doesn’t the theory goes something like this:

We experience deja vu because we were actually in that place or in situation before, but the question is when and WHERE that happened?! And the answer is: parallel universe!

I mean what else could it be for the theory, even the whole series is about parallel universe, although great TV series… :grin:

I frequently get deja vu…certain random images, names, movies I’ve never seen or heard of, songs I play on the piano…and of course, the random number (1167, if you’re interested). I’ve no other explanation that supernatural forces messing with my memory.

This is pretty much always what happens whenever I have Deja Vu. I start getting the feeling of it and then I say to everyone, “Woah, I’m having serious Deja Vu,” and I think to myself I definitely said that before too. So yea, the Deja Vu was part of the Deja Vu, cool to see someone else have that. :smile: