The BIG Déjà Vu topic - Part II

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The BIG Déjà Vu topic - Part I

I sometimes have Deja Vu, but not very often. It’s a weird feeling though.

I’m not exactly sure what deja vu is. I mean I guess I’ve had it before but very rarely. But does deja vu have to be exactly like it happened in the dream i.e. your dream predicted the future or can it not be something specific. For example, one day I had a dream I was being chased by a White Bronco and the next day I looked out the window at exactly the right time to see a white Bronco go down my street and it sent chills down my spine and I wondered if it signified something. I mean no one with a white Bronco lives on my street so it’s not like a normal occurrence and I don’t know why it would go down my street, I don’t live on a cul-de-sac but I don’t live on a boulevard either. Not many people come down my street unless they have a purpose and that person didn’t seem to have a purpose. Is this deja vu?

I had some Déjà Vu’s this week. It was about 5 or 6, and i do not use to get them often :woo:
They was not very huge, but they got me to stop with the thing i was doing and think about it.

Throwing my 2 cents in.

There are some who try to discredit Deja Vu as simply “misfiring of neurons”. OK. I won’t deny that’s possible, especially when what you sense is literally just a FEELING and nothing more. The term Deja Vu I do not personally apply to feelings. There’s “feelings” that people can get which I can easily see being attributed to neurons misfiring, and then there are more than feelings when you have a dream where later on you experience down to each and every word.

Going through the whole thread, yeah, same here. Never have I had a dream that later turned to a Deja Vu where anything of importance was going on.

I’ve had this one recurring dream so many times that i’ve lost count.

I’m walking to my old junior school (The location is sometimes different) and my legs start to freeze up like they’ve forgotten how to walk - I can’t control them properly. It gets more and more difficult to move them and I feel very frustrated but strangely not worried. I have a strong feeling of deja vu (I’m pretty certain it’s happened many times) and I’m getting paranoid about people noticing. It’s daylight and the thing i want most is to be hidden from view.

Ofcourse it has only happened in dreams and is probably to do with muscular atonia (I didn’t know the word for this until Basilus told me :ok: )during REM sleep but at the time i always mistake it for real life.

I have experienced deja vu and longer than they actually are… :confused:

I had a deja vu where I could have sworn i was in a dream before. First, I looked at my teacer, then at a pink highliter, then at the time and then I felt dizzy. :confused:

I hate that deja vu feeling, though. “I’ve done this before!” And then I get all dizzy. Sometimes I just try to hide the smile. Once I had a deja vu where I even knew what the next thought in my head was going to be. :content:

In my opinion, i think it could be highly possible that Deja Vu is simply dreaming about having done something before, (for example your speaking to someone & get deja vu, therefore you have dreamed about this but cant remember dreaming about it.)
Because seeing the future in dreams tends to be quite common, not on a regular basis, but theres alot of stories on here if that happening. We only use a third of our brains, i reckon if we could use all of it alot more abstract things would be possible, as in telekinesis etc…

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to explain me:
i have 2 types of dejavu
plain, visual dejavu which is the result of my eyes firing two signals (perhaps)
and real dejavu, which happens more often, surprisingly.

real dejavu is like having someone been there before, with the exact same people in the exact same locations, and then having that strangers’ memories sucked from them being placed into your reality.

relatively awesome experience lol

Around the time that I was 11 or so till I was 13, I used to get deja vu a LOT. Practically everyday. It would sometimes frustrate me because sometimes when I was saying something or doing something I would get deja vu and once I had started doing or saying it, I literally couldn’t stop my self from finishing my sentence or task. This feeling of helplessness made me try to sort of play a game with myself to try to see if it was possible to stop doing something once you get a deja vu before you do the whole thing. i stopped getting deja vu about a month later and i instantly regretted it. I tried to get it back by thinking about it constantly, researching it, etc. A few months later I started to get deja vu’s again. However, it was of a much lower quality than what I used to have. My deja vu’s from when I was 11-13 were much more disorienting and powerful and in the background whenever i had one, I would hear the same sound that a person hears when they yawn. It’s hard to explain but just think about what you hear whenever you yawn and you will know what i’m talking about. So anyways, those lower quality deja vu’s were very hard to notice even. They didn’t even feel like deja vu. They were a lot more like a vague feeling of remembrance…very vague… Now i’m 14 and I rarely get deja vu’s and when i do they are very low-quality ones. If anyone knows about how to get more deja vu’s, please explain to me how to do that.

I used to get deja vu a lot as well. Sometimes the feeling of having “been there before” was so strong that I felt even the experience of deja vu was part of the original event.

Did that make sense? I’ll try it a little simpler:

I had deja vu about having deja vu…

“as the patterns become more intricate being swept along is no longer an option…”

walking ,
girl is talking
multi-colored pomeranian
i stop in my tracks
deja vu


of time and reasoning

further, prior, along-side, within this moment, deeply paying attention, and the culmiation, climax, at the peak , there is no peak, only a hole falling into it I am and then


i express, deja vu, to her, quite sure we have been here, she says "does it mean something bad is about to happen ? " (it somewhat did )
i say, perhaps this is where dreams overlap, that we were here, before we met each other we had some dreams that explained it all and foretold it, and this was where they intersected

deja vu seems to manifest for me when i am into communication with someone, usually a female, and i haven’t been for some time, and we are having a conversation and she is free-flowing her mind to me

i think it also might be, that at that moment, angels or other beings have stopped in and payed direct attention to you and what you are doing.

I have felt this…i just wanted to start a topic… :tongue:
It’s pretty odd,i have one of the yesterday and i have them pretty often.
So,i’m looking at this scene,i hear the same sounds,and i’m like…“whoa!
I have seen this before…but i have no idea where or how…”
It’s pretty odd in fact…
Could it be a preset destiny…like,if you are reborn after death,in the interval,you will be told the events of your next life?
But the life of a human is long,and remembering just that moment,is odd…

I used to get deja vu all the time, but now I tend to get jamais vu instead.

I got deja vu last night whilst on IRC. Of someone saying something and me typing back. But i only got the deja vu a few hours after.

I remember having a deja vu, I was thinking, “…hmm… should I just stop what I’m doing right now, and mess up the deja vu?” But always, I kept doing what I was doing, to let the deja vu happen.

It was odd…
I saw the sky,and a trace of cluds…moving…pretty fast
I triggered a brain debate with our school counselor…we talked about dreaming and deja vu.
And she said that the human brain is so amazingly complex,it projects all the pssibilities.Then when you see it,you remember it somehow.