The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 49

Whoo! HOoo! Welcome Crazy Wolf!!!

Hello! I am Rachel the Wanderer. Many of my friends just call me Wanderer or Wand. I haven’t had any lucid dreams (purposely) yet, I just discovered LD this summer, while surfing the internet. I got a lot of information from this sight and decided I might as well just stop lurking, so a got an account, and here I am!

I find dreaming very interesting as I haven’t had I nightmare since I was seven years old, I have had a few slightly prophetic dreams, and a few recurring dreams that turned my life around a few years ago.

I was kind of excited to discover that there are some RPs going on in this forum, and I hope to join some, as I love RPing.

I guess that’s about all I have to tell about myself for now!

:welcome: Rachel_Wanderer to LD4all!

:wave: hello Rachel_Wanderer, welcome to the forum :happy:
So you got a nice surprise when you registered and saw the Wolfgame forum :wink:
If you wish to play in the next vampire game you should post in the sign up topic in the playground forum :happy: … you just need to be able to visit everyday.

If that isn’t possible I think there is an RP topic in the playground, if not you could just post in one of the many fun topics in there :boogie: or start your own :wink:

You may like to post in the first dream I remember topic or nightmare diary (for that last nightmare)
There is also a precog dreams topic in beyond dreaming or you may like to start your own personal dream journal in our DJ forum :user:

I look forward to reading your future posts Wand :content:

wecome rachel crazy wolf … enjoy your stay ! :wave:


:welcome: Hi Rachel_Wanderer! Stopped lurking and came to join the party! :partying_face: :mrgreen_hat:

You might be interested in this topic. CLICK!

hey guys im niall… im new here so i wanna get to know you all

Ive never lucid dreamed before and i am only just learning to recall dreams so dont be too harsh if i dont understand half of what your all saying :smile: .

Hope to hear from yah,


:thud: :yay: /me spots a fellow Blue Magnetic Eagle :boogie:
:wave: hello Niall, welcome to the forum :smile:
if you are working on your recall, we have a big remembering dreams topic in the stuff forum :wink: … keeping a dream journal either on paper, your computer or on-line is also a great way to really improve recall :content: (you can start one in our DJ forum if you wish :happy: )

heya niall , hope you like it here , you will find that this board has a friendly tone , so there isn’t really much “NOOOOOB” calling around here :happy:

Welcome to the forums! This is a friendly community, like Sakoda said. Everyone supports everyone.
Have a nice time here :content:

thanks all. ive gotten my self a notebook and pen and ive tried the glass of water technique but i can onyl remember one word of my dreams last night

ive wrote it down nontheless

Hello everybody, my name is Mattias and I live in Brazil… although I’m from Sweden… :tongue:
I just “discovered” LD this year (after watching the movie Waking Life), and I’ve had 3 until now (although short), but only one intentional… The one I had the other day was simple but incredible so I want more!!
and then I found ld4all! :woo: which is just great…

From what I’ve seen looking around the forum, everyone here seems great and very friendly, and I hope to meet you all! :wink:

:welcome: to LD4all mattiasdavis! Glad that you found us and have a wonderful time on our forum!

@ guitar9307
“ive wrote it down nontheless”
:thumbs: :happy: as soon as you start getting a little more, it may be an idea to start a dj here :grin:

:wave: hello mattiasdavis

I’ve just read your first lucid dream
it was brilliant :boogie:
I hope you post them all here, you could put them all in a first post of your personal DJ topic in the DJ forum :happy:
I’m wondering why you are in brazil :eh: may be you will let us know in the Sticky: Show everybody where you are in the world :happy: topic :peek:

I hope you continue to enjoy visiting LD4all in the future :yay:

Heya mattiasdavis!

Welcome to LD4all, we seem to get a lot of people into lucid dreaming from waking life, I’ve never seen the film myself (I was referred to lucid dreaming from a friend of mine) I plan to someday.

Hope you have a fun time!

Thanks for the warm welcome! :smile:

moogle, I might start a DJ here, but maybe just with my LDs… I don’t know if I have much patience to put all my dreams here: I usualy have a decent dream recall :grin: … but I’ve been writing them down on paper, so at least they’re recorded…
And I’ll go to that topic and tell my “story”, of why I’m in Brazil…

Slinking_Ferret, Waking Life is great, it talks about science, filosofy, religion, etc… not only dreams. I do recomend it! :wink:

Hi everyone im Johan from estonia. I’m a beginner dreamer.

Hello everybody, both new and old memebers!

My name is Mattias and I come from the far away lands of sweden. I study digital production and one of hobbies programing :smile: I decided to join this forum after I read a little on the internet about LD. Being able to LD seems like a pretty cool thing to be able to do, so that I don’t waste my nights doing nothing. My dream-memory isn’t very good and so my current quest is to improve it. I’ve already gotten myself a notebook which I always keep becide my bed while I sleep, so that I can record anything I remember in the beginning.

The thing that I want most out of LD is inspiration. I used to sketch with pencil a lot, but I feel like I’m having an artists block :smile: I thought that if I could have clearer dreams, my sense for art would get stronger.

Anyway! I’m here! I’m sorry I waited a day before posting in this topic ^^ There was just so much to read here.

:welcome: yohan & akranis to LD4all! I hope you have a wonderful time here! :smile:

Welcome mattiasdavis , yohan & akranis , i hope that you all have a wonderfull time on this site and make big progress in your LD carreer :yes:

Side note … as a beginning technique try MILD , you find a big topic about it in the pathways to lucidity subforum