Pressing a button as a RC?

So that ‘Will you push the button?’ game has spread all over tumblr and today I came across this instance

And a lot of people said they were down with it because hey, no more anxiety/depression/other bad stuff and yes, you could be more motivated, and I just automatically applied it to lucid dreaming

I wish I could become lucid in dreams by simply pressing a button!

And then I thought[/img], well that might actually be possible!

So I think I’m gonna start doing an RC routine every time I have to flip a switch or push a button that goes like “If I am dreaming, when I push this button/flip this switch I will become lucid” and I feel like it’d work!

That way next time I came across a switch or a button in a dream, becoming lucid could indeed be as simple as interacting with it

So yeah, just an idea, but I thought I’d share :smile:

hey that’s not a bad idea for an RC, especially if every time you flip a switch you are asking yourself “am I dreaming?” because in dreams a lot of times the switch doesn’t work!

Ahh, that makes sense!

Haha, yeah, definitely adding to the RC roster