Pringles cans -- Too skinny?

I find that when I get just over halfway through a canister of Pringles, it’s too long and narrow to reach my hand through. It’s very uncomfortable to squish my fingers together and reach in, but how else can I get the chips? I’d tilt the can down and let the chips slide out, but that allows all the crumbs from crunched up chips to escape.

Do you think Pringles should make a wider can, or would that allow the stack of chips to move too much and end up breaking them?

Nice to see someone else has noticed that :smile:

I wonder how a product can have a problem like that for so long without it getting changed. Maybe people don’t complain enough to the Pringles company. Or maybe I should run for office. :eek:

Lay the can on its side on the table/bench.
Gently roll/shake from side to side and they march out of the can 1 by 1.
Yes. some crumbs do escape, but at least you don’t get the greasy stuff all over your knuckles from reaching in!

So how many can you put in your mouth at once?

Don’t you ever watch the commercials? People just tip the can on it’s side and lay out the pringles all over the table! I mean, come on, who actually eats out of the can! Geez…


LOL! I should remember to eat them off the table. If I am full before eating all of them, I could put some cellophane over the table and come back later. :grin:

Hmmm… perhaps that will be my next experiment once I can walk through a photo? I will ask a dream character to eat an entire can of pringles and see how they do it!

Maybe they’ll cheat and eat them out of a bag…

No… I will be sure to pull a can out of my pocket. My guess is that they will either tip it up vertically and let them slide down all at once :eek: or perhaps they will just toss them aside and say something like “I don’t like pringles”. :content:

Nonsense. Everyone likes Pringles. Even as I write this I am getting closer to the dreaded mid-point of a Pringles canister… :sad:

Ahh the dreaded Mid point of pringles can. Many a times have we met. But anyway…If you just tip the can a little they’ll be easier to get at. I like the wider can idea, but getting the chips out is half the fun. :smile:

Please eat real potato chips, not those industrially manufactured ones. :smile:

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a real potato chip.

Ok heres what you have to do. Once you reach this dreaded Point of eating pringles, while tilting the can in order to move the chips closer to the top put the can up to your mouth and shake all the crumbs into your mouth. The chips will eventually slide forward and stop by hitting your lip. In return you get to eat all the crumbs as well and move the chips forward to avoid greasy knuckles.


That’s so crazy it just might work… :neutral:

LOL…Its funny to see an entire thread on getting pringles out of a can. Its amazing what Americans can complain about. (jus kiddin…) Well i dont wanna be a party pooper here so since all the obvious things are already sed my suggestion is try to build a vertical tower of pringles by getting a fresh can and turning it completely around so the chips dont have a long way to travel and break. It can be sort of a jenga game, who will be the first moron to knock over the tower. And of course, if the tower knocks over in the beginning it aint your fault…the structural integrity of the chips was hindered. (What can someone say to that? Other than “stop using big words!” i hate that line…why dont these people learn a few big words? stop bothering me…) But i just thought now the chips are bent towards the table, itll be hard to get it standing. This is reminding me of school today, i had to build a 100 CM tower out of one sheet of loose leaf and 24 CM tape. The teacher says its fun friday…more like this sucks friday. Well im gettin off topic, ill end it here.

~A Random Human

I don’t know if the tower thing could work. Wouldn’t all of the chips be standing on their concave side instead of convex?

Yea those were the words i was lookin for well your right but if you do get it to stand, all the more credit to ya.

One of these days I’ll get them to widen their cans. Mark my words… :confused:

How about this:
You take some tiny metallic objects (Ferrum,Cobalt or Nickel) and let them fall down the pringles can (the can isn´t completely filled out with chips).They will gather at the bottom.Now you take a strong magnet and hold it at one side at the bottom.All the objects will go to this site, but because they form one big thing they won´t get through the chips when you move the magnet to the top.Et voilà, all the chips will be pushed up

Just stop buying pringles and get yourself some better chips :wink: