not sure if it’s just me who has this problem, but basically… i have really cool dreams. And that is usually a good thing, except for when i become lucid and don’t want to stop doing what i’m doing. This means two things: Firstly, i generally treat DCs as if they are real people who are in my dream, and secondly, i can’t really experiment and do the things that i really want to do because i’m so transfixed with what i am currently doing.

but by the same token, i usually have just as much fun doing what i was originally doing in the dream, and fear that i might miss out on something just as fun by changing over.
any ideas?

There is nothing wrong with choosing to keep to the current dream plot as long as you keep your awareness up and don’t fade back into ND. It can add to the fun because you can fully interact with the dream characters and situation.

yeah that’s true

but i also have really cool ideas for dream goals which i never get to achieve because i get sidetracked.

Do your lucid dreams last longer when you ‘go with the flow’? (Compared to when you control them.)


sometimes i don’t even need to anchor myself in/stabilise when i keep doing it.

Same here.

In fact, a few days ago, I was able to perserve an LD for roughly 15 minutes by doing just that; for me, it was an incredible leap forward.

WOW! that’s insane! the longest i’ve ever gotten was about 3 min

so when you say you go with the flow,
you obviously still keep in mind that you are dreaming,

but how much to you attempt to change in the dream, and how much to you go along with?

Well, Leopoldo, in the dream, a few friends and I were recreating a Spider-man movie—and I was Spider-Man himself. After I became lucid, we discussed a few things about the scene we planned to create. The dream characters openly admitted that they were part of a dream, (there was a ‘behind the scenes’ feeling to it).

For most of the time, we sat on a picnic table overlooking a city, thinking over the particular scene we were about to create. I was allowed a few abilities: jumping and swinging. And my first task was to carry a lap-top to a near-by building. When I got there, I realized that I didn’t bring the computer with me. So, instead of going back, I summoned it out of thin air. This was a big mistake.

Immediately, the dream characters told me I had, “broken the forth wall” and I was suddenly banished from the city. For the last minute or so, the dream deteriorated to the point where I woke up. The world felt like it was being torn apart.

After a FA just this morning, I did a successful RC. This was possibly the most vivid and beautiful dream I’ve experienced. I could feel handfuls of dirt, see a towering Lilac bush in full bloom, feel the dew under my feet, and so on.

Now, having made plans to ride a bike in order to fly, I walked to a garage that conveniently held one, but on the way, got distracted with trying to summon a creature. I failed; and as I gripped the handlebars, the dream decayed - just like the other day.

The moral of these stories is not to avoid summoning objects and creatures—it’s to stay within the confines that the dream sets for you. I think this is the second threshold for lucid dreamspers to overcome. If your LD’s are lasting a minute or two—and only that long—we’re probably in the same boat.


that was great!

i think my main problem with going with the flow is that i just forget that i am dreaming and lose lucidity. I know that this is just a matter of practice and i will be better though.

Hmm, seems like im not the only one noticing this. Going with the flow certainly keeps the lucidity, and trying to do anything out of the plot leads to instability in the lucidity, like the dream is trying not to fade while it fades. On almost all occasions, going back to the plot stabilizes everything. There is a certain condition while going with the flow I can’t quite recall, but as if your thoughts are controlled by you, but your actions aren’t as much… just enough for you to mumble the words you were thinking. And for some reason, I feel like dream characters are more real/more of themselves while you go with the flow compared to their bot-like behavior when you go against it. And this is the main reason I like lucid dreams in which im sticking to the plot… its not like flying like superman is that much more interesting. Plus, if I get to be in a plot that involves flying, it will certainly be as much interesting. It also saves me from thinking what to do, cause im a lazy bastard, predefined trip ftw!

The little dream stories can probably tell us a lot about our inner selves, too.