Pro-Tip for APing

There is one tool regular AP’ers use to explore the astral which is a very well kept secret and that is pranayama.

When we sleep at night we enter our own internal astral realm where life-force or prana is more easily sustained. When you leave that internal realm you require more life-force or prana to do it. The pranayama breathing technique is also used to activate the pineal gland, increase vitality and extend lifespan. There are many techniques for leaving the body, the simplest version of which is to quiet the mind and become aware of your astral body. This may seem very oversimplified but it’s the basic mechanic involved and reliance on elaborate techniques will not lead to mastery. When mastery is achieved and enough life-force or prana is present it becomes possible to see into the astral and project whilst wide awake.

I may use this thread to post some more pro-tips later on, in the meantime feel free to discuss and share any tips of your own.