Problem Astral Projecting

So recently ive been trying to discover how to astral project. I understand the methods and have found my own, and have astral projected semiconsciously. It was like 2 weeks ago, I realized I was lucid, but I didn’t have much control, but luckily Ive wanted to do it for so long I subconsciously rembered the steps. The problem is, when I try to do it consciously, once I get to the hypnogogic state (sleep paralysis) my heart rate rises because im excited, and as a result I come back out of the SP state. How can I overcome this? Thanks
~Love Napkin

try not concentrating and don’t try and get to a hypnogogic state simply think about where it is you want to project yourself to briefly do not concentrate on a certain thing and then let go should be instantly once you have let go .your asking about astral projection this is not a sleep thing. you can be fully awake excited relaxed it dosen’t matter. you just have to accept the fact that you are leaving your body and let your self go out.i would suggest sitting or laying down so when you do leave your body you don’t fall and return injured for when you stop controlling your body gravity will…

The challenge here is that you have to get rid of the connection between heart rate and the idea that the excitement will snap you back into physical waking state. Understand that you are in control of these things. Next time you are in SP simply say in you in your minds voice that NO MATTER what happens it’s ok… and really feel it too. This will increase your chances of OBEs . You see when you give energy to trying to stop something… or change it your separating yourself. If you let it be alright, your energy is focused on the idea of everything being alright. Thus OBEs are alright for you… im guessing anyways. And you will attract yourself to that experience. Its better to focus on what you WANT then what you DON’T want…

well, technically when you are lucid you are in sleep paralysis
so while lucid gently end your lucid dream, and you should either find your self in sleep paralysis, or a very relaxed state, when you find your self here even, if you can move do not move at all! roll your eyes upwards so they are looking at your third eye if all works out right, you should experience a obe, try willing your self out the third eye region, dont be to forceful though