Problem Entering SP

So, for a while now i’ve been trying to induce a SP during the nights, (evenings or 4-6 AM), but my body wont go into a SP, it will leave me with a few half dreams (very unclear), but i fast exit them again, and then i just lie there.
I get the very buzzy feeling my body, but the Blanket feeling just doenst come, dos im able to move even ever i feel like it :smile: is there something i can do to help inducing the SP or or is this perfectly normal?

Several things. First, trying to go into SP in the evening when you first go to bed is generally a bad idea. You’ll lay there for at least 45 minutes as your body begins to relax and even then you’ll be going into the deep sleep stages rather than REM.

Now, you mentioned 4-6 a.m… is this 4-6 hours after you’ve first gone to bed? That is generally one of the best times to induce SP. Since you’ve already seen the Lucidology videos you probably already know that, however :wink:.

If you do wake up through part of the night, you’ll want to play with the amount of time you’re awake. Sometimes if you don’t move you can slip back into a dream using DEILD. If you’re wanting to stay up a bit longer for WILD or OBE induction, it’s really important to find the correct length of time. Too long and it will be hard to sleep, too short and you can’t focus. You’ll need to play with this some.

Also, I want to point out SP is not a necessary step to lucid dreaming. In fact, it’s not even a necessary step to WILD, despite what some guides might say. Your goal is to lucid dream, not to be stuck in bed with no way to move. Keep that in mind and it will help you quite a bit.

The best way to induce SP? Just forget about your body. If you keep feeling around going “OH MY ARM IS TINGLING” you’re putting too much focus on it. If you focus on your body, it can’t fall asleep :tongue:

Anyway, I hope that helped and let us know if you have other questions :content:

Are there really no dangers involved? Last night I felt a small pain at the back of my head and at the same time there was a loud growing static sound and a feeling of pressure in my head. It was quite scary because i havnt felt it before. To be honest it didnt feel very healthy. Is this really normal?

Karmeliet Im gettin the feeling that you havent read up on SP’s yourself with that last statement. If you done that you would know that the body will have signals to check if your awake or not, and those signals can be extremly painful, Cause normally if you feel extreme pain youd move and react to it, and that would be a sign to AHA your still awake! I’ll wait a bit longer then. If you do your best not to react to it, it may intense a little bit but just keep in there. Mind over matter will help you here. And that loud growing static sound is part of SP’s which makes again belive you havent looked it up for yourself. Same with the scary part. Now you have me convinced that you havent read anything about SP, Cause all those things are things explained if you just read about it. Sorry if it comes over as rude or anything, not the intention at all,

But if your seriously interested in Lucid Dreaming you have to make some study yourself, You cant ask about everything when all the information is allready out there.

Good luck

Oh and if you really feel bad over the pressure and all that, It’s your call if you want to continue or not, But everyone experiences diffrent things, and from what Ive learned is that the body tries to find new ways if found out to be cheated on. Thats what ive experienced anyway that there are new ways showing up instead. It differs for me over time of what I will experience, like its know im cheating the system and tries to change to not be cheated on.

Thanks for your reply, albeit condescending.

The variety of things you can experience during SP can confuse people who aren’t used to it, specially if these experiences cause pain or extreme discomfort. So it’s normal to worry about them. :smile: But there are no dangers with SP. Remember that you go through it many times every single night, you’re just not aware of the process. I’ve never felt pain, but I have felt very uncomfortable. It’s common to get the feeling you can’t breathe while in SP and this can scare you. This, as other things, are just illusions. In this case, the SC is taking over the breathing, so when you try to breathe you can’t, since you lost control, and feel like you aren’t breathing at all, even though you are, unconsciously. But even knowing this is just an illusion, it can be really hard to just go along. I suggest just trying it some more and see what you get. Not all SP’s are the same, some you’ll feel weird uncomfortable body twisting sensations and others just vibrations or noises… If you do feel really bad, you can abort and try again some other time. Each time you might get farther and closer to a LD. :wink:

I don’t think Emil was trying to be condescending :content:

It is true, the stages of getting to SP can feel very strange and at times even painful to some extent. The most common theme is just having the absolute “need” to move. If you haven’t tried it a lot this can be quite alarming. The best advice I can give is to just try to stay relaxed and let your body do its thing. Like mattias said, it’s all illusion and nothing is going to harm you :smile:

I’d read guides and watched videos before blindly stumbling onto these forums. I didn’t come across a comprehensive list of all the alarming things that could be experienced so verification that i’m not doing myself harm (despite it feeling like it ) is what I am glad to have got in these replies. What you mention there about the SC taking over breathing is usefull too, I experienced this and thought I wasn’t breathing enough and began to consciously take over which I think brought me out of it.
The more things that I know I can expect to happen, the calmer and better prepared I can be for when it does, so thanks for the input